The ILGM DownEast 12

They look wonderful, very happy, great job !!

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How have you been?
Thanks. I just took a 5 minute breather from work down there and they’re looking a little root bound and some of the fresh growth is starting to come in a little stunted and older growth is yellowing and dying. I was trying to wait until 4/1 t transplant but it looks like as soon as they dry out a little from yesterday’s watering they’re movin’ on up to 1 gallons. I think I’ll try little B1 dust on the root ball.
I would love to do an experiment and leave a couple ladies “a la natural” during the entire grow. Unfortunately I don’t have 2 examples of any 1 strain, so there’s no valid control subject. Bah-I will do it anyway with 2-3 of them just to see how much difference specific feeding and care makes versus just watering. One of them is promised to a lightweight user so maybe she can have one of those. ha ha ha


Yeah, I hear you, always something to do…
I am busy like hell, spring time is coming with vengeance and I have more that just my MJ project going on…plus the snow was quite merciful, covered a lot of sins which now all are to be taken care of…
My MJ is growing well , slow but no issues, I gave each a couple of cups of my special rabbit tea, they love it…
Rabbit manure is superior to anything out there, that includes specially designed nutes for plants…
Rabbits have it all, from A to Z…
I know you busy too…


Oh yeah. The virtues of rabbit manure. I’ve kept rabbits in the past in CT and in 1985 I planted a garden at a new place we rented. It turned out to be some of the most fertile soil ever. Later that season, my new neighbor told me the previous occupants kept rabbits in a hutch located right over the spot where I chose to plant.

We only lived there for a couple of years but that was some of the most fertile soil I’ve ever encountered.
The more recent experience was between 2008-2011. My ex kept a pair of Flemish Giants as pets. I’d just as soon eat them, but boy they sure do produce some high quality fertilizer.

We’re looking at some of Will Bonsal’s approaches toward green manure and will adopt them if they produce results. Will is a locally renowned organic farmer who practices the self sufficiency he preaches. Independence from the corporate food chain and income tax seem to be his main motivations.

He and Molly live a life rich with simplicity and free of convenience. Convenience is completely overrated and rarely worth compromising the quality results of DIY.

We’re still expecting more snow here over the next few days and then again next week. :snowflake: It’s not uncommon for it to blanket a fresh planting of spinach as late as mid April. I just need it to go away so the ground can thaw and we can direct sow some greens.
Keep smiling.
Have a good time all the time
Viv Savage


manure…it’s wonderful stuff…why are there so many chemical fertilizer companies, is there a world shortage of poop?

Now that’s news…the animals of the world have lost their butts…we’ll be seeing pictures on milk cartons?

Plans today: have a good time!:wink:


This may help the good time efforts

It was referenced in Robert’s blog with no link. How are people going to know if someone doesn’t point them in the right direction? The guideposts are there just fewer people then ever know where to find them.

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##Movin on up!
Well I got ambitious this morning and took the last 1:45 transplanting the DownEast 12 into 1 gallons, cleaning it up and fine tuning the lighting and wind.

Here’s what happened in that 01:45:00 condensed into 2 minutes and 43 seconds
Timelapse of DownEast 12 transplant


lol, of course it starts with a toke or two!

I need my “rooting powder” too, ya know…

You have that uncle traveling Matt look about you…and a little Fraggle Rock travelling music!!


Its fricking snowing this morning here…

The mountains get you when you not ready :slight_smile:


Damn! you too! opposite coasts. same crap. We haven’t gotten our “delivery” yet. but damn thassalotta cocaine man! ha ha ha

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Still looks peaceful to me @Ragnar
But yeah if your not ready for it I’d imagine it could be a problem for you brother but that’s part of the lifestyle right lol

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So pretty though, i love all the snow pictures :+1:

Its pretty for a while, then its pain in my butt…:slight_smile:
Garden is getting hammered…

Yeah i bet, living in the conditions and seeing pics are way different, is it usually still snowing this time of year there?

Not really, it even got me little surprised this morning, but we are almost at 5000 feet elevation, so this can happen …

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Journal entry for Week 7 after yesterday’s upgrade to 1 gallon pots.
ILGM DownEast 12












starting to really show their dominant strain! Is it me or the Blueberry going to be huge? She almost looks too big for that pot.

The local disp here has chocolope pre rolls. They can’t seem to keep the regular bud in stock… so the wife wants to ry it today and if she likes it, I’m going to add it to my grow this summer.


Yeah Blue definitely has some big fat fronds on her leaves. I hope I can manage to keep them healthy for another 8 weeks til they get outside. I don’t want to have to transplant them again before then. Thinking about taking that uber bright 3rd light out of the equation to try to slow them down some.