The ILGM DownEast 12

Ok so since this strain allegedly has a flowering period about 2 weeks longer than everything else, I opted to start it inside earlier than the other 11 different strains we’re trying this season to hopefully get some additional veg by the time I have to transplant outside. I might keep this one indoors to finish.

Received seeds Wednesday. Soaked for 24 hours. Planted Thursday in the usual Pro-Mix medium I’ve always used. Here she is on Monday!


Welcome @Willd to ILGM
Great resource for info and help
Noticed soil looking wet try not to over water her she doesn’t need a whole lot misting soil works best at this stage just a heads up
Good luck with your grow
Happy growing :+1::v:️️

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Pineapple Haze sounds good to me! Looking forward to the end of the month? @Willd

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Welcome @Willd hope you’re grow goes awesome!

Thanks everyone-
I had just just misted prior to snapping the photo. I have a gallon pump sprayer I use to mist all the salad greens I grow inside during winter.

The way time flies, forward isn’t that far to look!

Future Super Bowl LI champs! I had that original Boston Patriots logo on a book bag when I went to grade school in Rhode Island.


OK so it’s been a few weeks and I got the rest of DownEast 12 going. As you can see Pineapple Haze is way ahead of the rest. The spots on the leaves are just some water droplets from the mister.
I’ll do my best to document every Saturday

Still trying working on ideas and accepting suggestions for taking uniformly exposed & sized pics

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I looked at your website this morning. I don’t know how I found it as I’m just reading this post now. Your girls look good and healthy and the only think I wanted to check with you was they looked just a tad stretched. What are you using for lights?


I’m a total miser. The light is a 4’ office fixture with a pair of 34W T5’s it in. It’s about 4" from the tops. There are no reflectors on it. I affixed some sheet mylar on all the walls of my “tent” with binder clips

This is just to get them going and keep them going until I get them outdoors where they prefer to be. Any deficiency experienced indoors quickly corrects itself once they get outdoors. I started a fan cycling 2hours on/4hours off to aid in thickening the stems.
I certainly wouldn’t consume this much electricity or commandeer the cellar space if I didn’t have to start them indoors to get a decent yield.

Kudo’s to all the indoor success stories. I have to admit that if I couldn’t grow outdoors, I would probably just give up cannabis entirely.

The really good thing about indoors in that you can grow year round. Gives you something to do, lol. I may have a plant or two that go outside, but the real deal with growing indoors is that you aren’t banking on each grow to hold you over for the next year.

For a basically one time investment you can grow say 4 plants at a time over the course of an approximate 4 month rotation and there’s your 12 plants.

No problem, each grow/grower is different if I was going your route I would do the same thing.

There are quite a few folks on here that grow outdoors as well and they all seem to have pretty good success.

Yeah I just love spending time outside with them and all the other veggies in the garden
Boveda 2 way humidity control is a total game changer whenever long term storage is a consideration
Same for LeakTite products


The initial stretch that happened when I moved the light from 2" to 4" stopped right away. I guess I could have left it @ 2" for a another few days. Oh well they are already thickening and all the energy is now is focused on making leaves, not gaining height. I’ll bury those stems a little deeper when they go into the 1 gallon containers next month.


That will do the trick. Off to a great start they will be fine till you transplant them!

A little FIM action this morning for Pineapple Hazel


My “tent”

From the front
pea shoots for salad - grow back for re-harvest every 4-5 days!

baby kale is beautiful - trim and it grows back!
Up and coming
Real greens from the farm’s greenhouses will start flowing once they call Mrs Willd back in a couple of weeks and then we can abandon the indoor baby greens grow.


@Willd I was in ocena state job lot the other day and I saw a small walk in vinyl green house that looks similar to that but what is on the outside of yours?

The garden looks great!

@bob31 it’s just mylar film from a roll on the inside to amplify whatever light I’ve got. It’s got a clear poly vinyl cover reinforced with some integrated green mesh type fabric. I keep the bottom of the door open about a foot from the floor and run a 10" fan on low with a timer on a 3 hours on/off cycle to keep the RH and temp steady.
Gotta love the OSJL. Just don’t ever buy “potting soil” there unless you want to grow the free weeds and mushrooms they throw in as a bonus.

New pics of the DownEast 12!
I know they look a little “leggy”. They’ve stopped stretching since I moved my little light an inch closer.
The month of May will be here before we know it and then they can go outside where they prefer to really thrive & flourish.

Wow what are giving the pineapple haze? She dwarfs the others. Looks indica dominant. Probably gonna be wider than tall?

She is 2 weeks older than than her sisters. I gave her a head start because of her 85 day flower period vs the rest which are @60-65. She will stay indoors and see 14/10, then 13/11, & then 12/12 before she gets outside.

My grow is typically a Feb-Oct affair from seed to harvest. The first three months are spent under low watt T5 lights as seedlings. Proper FIM’ing, super-cropping throughout the veg state, LST through flowering up until the last 2 weeks, and defoliation techniques all contribute to the higher than advertised yields I’ve experienced since taking up and perfecting those skills.

I highly encourage everyone who has space and privacy to cultivate outdoors to give it a try.
Unless you’re making your own electricity with solar, wind, magneto, or mini-hydro your wallet and mind will heave a huge sigh of relief and thank you.

The only item I don’t reuse are the 8gm Boveda humidity packs. They eventually dry out in any humidor.
I’ve got a few 60gm packs still in use that haven’t lost any effectiveness since they were put into service in Oct 2015.

Genetics Genetics Genetics

So the Sour Diesel and Chocolope either want more light OR they’re genetically predisposed to being taller than the rest of their sisters.
The Hazes are all the maintaining about the same even height, even the Pineapple which was started 2 weeks ahead of the rest. There’s noticeable thickening of the stems on the AK-47, Big Bud, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush, and Gold Leaf.

I got another of the 2x28W T5 fixtures and a set of hangers yesterday to give the girls all more room by splitting the 12 under the one bank to 6 on either side of the greenhouse under two banks. Yay! Also improved the wind simulation with a tilting 18" fan on a stand I’ve got pointed straight up at the peaked ceiling and flowing down the walls. Went from 24 to 18:6 as well. Real daylight here is closer to 15:9 when they go in the ground so I may try to shoot for easing into that timing between now and then.
Not so important in their 4.5" homes now but when they get upgraded into the 1 gallons, it will make a huge difference.