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Hey, potheads! Welcome! Sorry if it’s a bit chilly in here. Pull up a bong and get warm!

First, a quick intro for those who don’t know me:
High. I’m betty.

I love taking long day dreams with my best friend, Mary Jane. I vape her, bong her, blunt her, kief her, tincture her, and CBD her. I’ve tried boofing her, too. We kind of keep each other alive.

I grow mostly autoflowers using Earth Juice and other liquid organic nutrients in a soilless medium (coir based). Indoors, I use 2 grow tents (25ft² total) and 2 HLG320xl qbs; outdoors, I use a 10x10 greenhouse. I typically do 2-3 grows per year

Instead of starting a new journal for each grow, I’ve decided to keep one all-encompassing general grow journal. This is where I’ll discuss current and future grows/harvesting/processing (I love qwet!), show off my girls, and beg for help when needed. Sometimes, I’ll just think out loud, here, too.

OK, I think that about covers it. I’ll start journaling in ernest, shortly.

Puff, puff, pass!


Hi Betty I’m a pothead to i’ll be tagging along.


Here’s a feeding chart I have been tweaking for 8 grows, now. I’ll refer to this often, to save myself from typing. I use Earth Juice’s Original 5, plus a few other liquid organic nutrients.


Welcome, pothead!

Welcome back BTT!!!


Hey Betty I been keeping my eyes on organic…hope you don’t mind me tagging along!


I’m watching! Ready to learn! Got any pics of recent grows using your earth juice super mix? :grin:


Strawberry Cake Auto (she was one of my smallest, this last grow…3oz)

Lemon Auto, a week before harvest (6 oz):

ONE Amnesia Haze auto, at chop, zero trimming done (got a 12+ oz off of her):

I just started a new grow. Will journal it, here.


Woooowww I love them!!! Omg they look delicious! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ll enjoy watching this! Thanks for sharing

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@blackthumbbetty ive been trying to put my order together of the Nutrients I’ll be needing and I been just using your picture haha anyway I can get a list of what your running I got the main 5 + recharge and some epsom salt what else am I missing? What from Nectar of the gods are you using and for what? Sorry so many questions just so eager to learn! :pray::grimacing:


Or do I not need EVERYTHING you are using haha

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I use Demeter’s Destiny as my Calcium supplement. I use Persephone’s Palette as a microbe feed, soil conditioner, and terp booster.

There are also 4 advanced nutrient products:
-Nirvana as a bloom booster
-Root Trio (Piranha, Tarantula, Voodoo) as a microbe booster blend at start and during transition. Buy the small bottles of Root Trio. I keep wasting my money on the big bottles, bc I used tons of it before I started adding Recharge, too.

The other bottles are pH Crystals from Earth Juice & an organic liquid Yucca product. For organic pH adjusting, you don’t necessarily need to buy a name brand; once I run out, I will move to generic citric acid granules and potassium bicarb granules. Same for the Yucca.

AND YOU ABSOLUTELY DON’T NEED EVERYTHING. What works for me might not work for you. This has been tailored to my particular grow style. I don’t encourage anyone to get too hung up on following another person’s exact grow style. :grinning:


Yes thank you very much I’m just trying to get an idea of what your using to benefit what part of the plants growing I don’t plan on ordering all that for sure and I’m very interested in applying some dry amendments once n a while along with molasses and worm castings teas etc I have some of my own ideas :muscle::innocent: But yes thank you for explaining what your using. I’ll be tweaking it to my own style :pray::grin:

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I highly recommend Recharge, no matter what.

The EJ Catalyst and Persephone’s are also products I would be worried to grow w/o.

Oh, btw, the Yucca isn’t for pH. I realize I wrote that oddly above. The Yucca is a sopanin. It helps your medium more readily absorb water by changing surface tension of water molecules. It also helps foliar feeding/treatments spread more evenly across leaf surfaces…


Ok thanks good to know can I find the Persephone on amazon? I looked briefly and couldn’t find it I can check my local grow shop too.

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No, it’s actually hard to find on Amazon, now. They used to carry it. I was buying it from whatever online store would send it. Once spent 65 on a qt.

Now, a store 100 miles away carries it. It’s 20 a bottle.

I live in Alaska, though. Bet you can get cheaper shipping.

Haha ok I’ll ask my local grow shop too maybe they cAn order it for me also if I don’t have any luck and as far as coco could I order any brick online and rinse it thoroughly and use it or is there a better “more organic” coco I can be using


I honestly just use the triple rinsed compressed spongease bricks mixed with perlite & ultra coir. I’ve also used Cloud Coco 50/50.

I plan on moving to strictly Coir/Perlite, next fall.


This good advice. I really liked earth juice once I started tweak around standard recipe. Good call on calcium too. Seems like would show problems early flower if something wasn’t added to help.