The "I got so stoned..." thread


You can play as teams with two or three couples. The instructions are easy to find and I’ll be adding some alcohol to the game. Something I didn’t do as a kid. lol


Hahaha I’ll have to look it up.


Not sure if it’s in the instructions but I play if you roll a four you have to move one marble back four spaces. Maybe I’ll add taking a shot when rolling a four.


Probably one of those kind of games where there’s a few house rules kind of like everyone plays monopoly a bit different on the free parking and fines.


Last night, at midnight, while sneaking a few bong hits in my grow room, I went to sit down my bong AND COMPLETELY MISSED THE TABLE. My 15" glass bong did about 4 flips, almost knocked over a gallon of bubbling earth juice tea, and splashed bong water everywhere as it plinko’d across a wooden stool, 2 5 gallon buckets, a gallon pitcher, 2 aquarium pumps, and one of my grow tents.

After waiting a minute to see if my wife was going wake up from the horrible racket of glass hitting wood & hard plastic, I decided to check on my bong.

It had landed right-side-up, no damage to it, all! All the water dumped out, of course. I had the bowl in my hand when I dropped it, so…yay!

I can’t believe my bong didn’t break.


Wow that’s crazy but great it didn’t break. That would’ve really made the whole thing worse. Water everywhere plus glass all over.


Haha! It’s right next to your ppm meter!.. :joy: What would you do without us?? :sunglasses:


Main thing is, did you loose any weed in the process? Hope not. To me, that would be the worse loss… lol


Nope! Had the bowl in my hand. Lol!


shame you din get a video. It would be classic and get shown on Ridiculousness forever. Just like the water bottle flipping family.


Funny thing is, the lights were off & I was only wearing my green light headlamp.


Quick, go buy $10 worth of lottery tickets before the good luck wears off.

Then when you win, you can buy the house next door and smoke anytime you want. No more hiding in the dark grow room with a headlamp.


My closest neighbor is a mile away.


  • The damn auto correct just slipped butter (budder) past me. Been liking the spatula :hugs:


“I got so stoned” I built a screen to insert in the front of my tent to help with heat and humidity; then I sit a box fan in front of the tent to circulate air. However, I have to take the fan out from in front of it, unzip the tent and take the screen out to water. I got through watering, zipped the tent up (about half way), set my fan back in front of it; set the five gallon bucket out in the hall, (with what I thought had runoff in it). Got up and realized I hadn’t drained the water out of the tub!.. :joy::joy::joy: :sunglasses:


I got so stoned last night that I was a mere MOMENT away from accidentally putting a big blob of Nutella into my volcano instead of into the mug I was making a brownie in.


@Blazin_Skywalker Wat is that machine for if may ask


Can I get a smoke report on that Nutella? Lol


It’s my vape! Here’s a link so you can check it out :v:


The harmonious marriage between chocolate and hazelnut will captivate you in a way that asks, “why the hell didn’t you just EAT this masterpiece of a creation, you silly stoner?!”