The "I got so stoned..." thread


I got so stoned, I lost my safety glasses for about 20mins, so decided to smoke another bowl, my buddy gets there and ask what I’m doin, I said looking for my saftey glasses, he said the ones on your head.


I was so high that when I seen a piece of weed fall from the pipe as I was stirring it up and land on the desk after getting everything the way it should be I reached and got the chunk that had fallen put it in the pipe and bogarted down on it, I could tell right away something was not right, I looked down through my teary eyes as I was coughing my head off and seen what looked amazingly like the chunk of weed I had dropped, my wife walked in about that time too see if I was gonna make it through and promptly asked me if I had seen the spider she had killed the night before and left laying on the desk(she is scared to death of spiders). I looked at her and said yes I think I just smoked it.


Ugggg that’s no good lmao no more smoking spiders for you young man lmao



And the song goes… I don`t smoke spiders and snakes , but maybe that’s what it takes to show me… How stoned I am! Seriously though it tasted like sh!t. Life changing event…or at least I look a little closer now. Sad but True.


You may have won the internets for the Day with that one @Holmes Priceless. But better than “labrador”


This is a true story. I borrowed my parents pontoon, but they didn’t know it and took some friends out on it.We were all around 18 year old. Well, they called the law because someone told them their boat was missing at the dock, it came a terrible thunderstorm while we were on the lake partying. The game warden found us and called for backup. Well, they towed us to the dock and there were 3 state police cars there and they started loading my friends into their cars until they ran out of room. It was me and 2 girls left and I was potted up and intoxicated. The police said if either one of those 2 girls are sober you all can go home. The one girl didn’t have a drivers license, so I asked the other one can you drive us home and she said I cant because I have a bench warrant on me, well I thought she said she had a pin joint on her and I told her to stick it in her drawers. We got to go home and had a fun night, but we still laugh and this story every time we see each other 35 years later.


Whoever that redhead is - I just fell in love


Ahhhhh spring, a time for love :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I got so stoned: I just put weed in the stem of my bong after just cleaning it. Forgot I took the slide out to ash it.



2 weeks ago I got a new one-hitter glass bowl for the bong, seems to hit reallly nice. So today I get a joint and decide for a bong instead and I tore the joint open and started loading the bowl. Next thing I know, the pot is in place but the bowl isn’t quite full. Apparently I have been taking in a joint per bonghit for 2 weeks. :sunglasses:


One time Mrs covertgrower got so messed up, her favorite go to is Gobstoppers. Usually she puts them in the cupboard, this time she put them in the fridge. She didn’t notice until the next afternoon, when she couldn’t find them, and went to fridge for something else… low and behold there they were. Lol.
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@Covertgrower sounds like something I would do lol


Mrs. Elheffe702 leaves the cereal in the fridge all the damned time :joy:

She’s left her phone in there a few times, too.


My mother, who enjoyed a little herb back in the day, jumped into her car one evening and thought someone had stolen the entire dashboard!! It took a second to realize she had actually gotten into the backseat.


I got so stoned, I posted my grow room plans on @Ausgrow’s journal :+1:


Good plans though.:ok_hand:


I love when that happens! :rofl:


I’ve got to throw story in here. In the late 70’s I was a construction worker living with my girlfriend in south Florida. At the time there was plenty of very good Colombian Gold around and I had a good stockpile. One Friday night after a long, tough week I lit up more than I should have (apparently). I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. While in progress I casually looked over at the toilet – which was not being used :roll_eyes:. I was peeing in the waste basket next to it! [Note: the waste basket and the toilet look nothing alike]. I laughed then and still laugh now at that goofy move.


I got so stoned… One year for Christmas I got my dad a CD. I had forgotten that I bought it for him, (earlier in the day) and had it in the player. Remembering that it wasn’t mine. Damage done I listened to it, while wrapping. Wrapped the case, and gave it to him the next day, with disc one missing…
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