The "I got so stoned..." thread


I got so stoned one time I went into the bank to make a payment on a loan and got so aggravated that they couldn’t find my account I stormed out. Got out to my car and realized I had actually walked into the power company office next door by mistake.


@GetbackJoJo lolol. That’s awesome.


I got so stoned, I looked at this picture

…and blew twice, wiped once, trying to get the hair off my phone, before realizing it was in the photo.


A bad one is when you are late for work, get out into your wheels and fire it up!

Jam it into reverse with the brakes on while looking out the back…

And then you look up at the rear view mirror and WHAT DO YOU SEE?



  1. Yes I did
  2. No I won’t say what was going on at the time


PS: Thank God for Rear View Mirrors :roll_eyes:


You may have just won the Thread and the Internet @FrikkinFrank

Hilarious and no, I don’t want to know!!


:scream::sunglasses::+1:…now that’s funny


I posted this pic on FB to show off my weight loss due to sleeve surgery 7 months ago :clap:
Unfortunately I was a bit high and neglected to notice the massive grow room behind me :crazy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
No one else seem to notice either :thinking:


Hahaha lmao, OOPS


Congrats you look awesome and the curves draw the eye away from the grow room lol


You know I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t also fishin for a lil compliment :heart::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Thanks hon :wink:


That’s too funny!! I wouldn’t have noticed the grow room until you said something :kissing_heart:


Congrats @Fairieswear8oots, looking good! :+1:


I get so stoned that when I’ve been driving I’ve forgotten where I was going and just keep driving till it comes to me lol and I’ve done it loads of times


Back in the 80’s I was a young chap just starting to enjoy the herb, my mate and myself decided we had to go for munchies, he took me on his scooter as I was to stoned to ride a bike, well we got to the roundabout and he couldn’t pull out and neither of us put our feet down and we ended up in a heap, pissing ourselves laughing and picking each other up lol, turns out we were both to stoned


Getting so baked that your waiting for a reply to the reply that you sent 3 days ago, to then realise you didnt actually reply…:see_no_evil:

I do this ALOT!!


I got so stoned, I didn’t realize I stopped to help out a broke down unmarked police cruiser, he told me to get back in my car and go strait home, and I did.


imageOhhhh shite


I got so stoned that I rinsed out my bong, tossed some fresh ice in the neck, and loaded up a fresh bowl. I fired it up, loaded all 18", and then cleared it as I realized it drew a little funny…because there was no water in it. Big ass dry hit. I’ve done this more times than I care to admit. We’ll just say more than once. I’m coughing like I just took a dab for every post in this thread.


Oh. My. God. I think I would’ve just collapsed right there lol


@elheffe702 i promised, never ever to take a doobie cruise, ever again. No more back road doobie crusing.