The "I got so stoned..." thread


Wow @Rexx that’s priceless.


Mrs. Covertgrower got so stoned, she woke me up from a dead sleep to tell me she SWEARS there’s people outside, and they’re near the shed discussing plans to break in to steal the plants. LMAO.
Of course nobody is there…

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@Covertgrower Probably didn’t stop you from having a slight heart attack before hopping up and grabbing a piece to check it out lol


@MattyBear That’s exactly what happened. Along with my surefire flashlight. 1,000 lumens of I can see anything. LOL


I hate when that happens :laughing:


that is some goooood stuff @Covertgrower …lol


Now that is just too funny :joy::+1:


When I get so stoned my eyebrows have to hold my eyelids up I know it’s time for more!


@Rexx you win! That story could have ended badly.


I got so stoned after work that I actually spent way too much time trying to figure out why??


Recently courtesy of ILGM’S BLUE DREAM I got so damn stoned I watched CNN for 2 hours, figured out the Russian collusion case, reported a rogue call scam to FBI.,


“Chain thought”

  1. Dang! Good hit…
  2. Why am I holding this?
  3. I must have been about to take a hit…
  4. Fills bowl, takes hit
  5. GOTO: Line 1

Hmm… Something seems to have been left out

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

This just happened to me as I was changing my nutrients for my hydro setup. As I was measuring out some nutes I grabbed my bowl and tried to light it with my tape measure. it was next to the lighter and without looking I grabbed it and tried to light the bowl. I put the bowl down and waited a few before attempting it again.


4.5 Thinks “wow that’s good pot.”


I was taking a friend home from work and we were so high. We sat at this red light and waited for it to ‘change’ we just kept talking, it was then we realized stop signs don’t change colors. We couldn’t stop laughing, thankful it wasn’t daytime.


@highcountrygal I do this all the time. I’ve also treated a light like a sign - stopped, looked both ways… ran it. I’ve reacted to the next light down the street, regardless what’s going on at the light I’m actually at. The moral of the story is that I’m a problem. Lol! I pretty much just don’t drive when I’m super high.


:laughing: :joy:
Oh, that was fantastic…I’m dying


@muffybunny LMAO I swear I do those things all the time, now I am allowed to go to Walmart and the DRs right down the street!


Yes! I can relate!


I got so stoned one time (just recently) that while putting together my big tent, I mixed up the poles and thought they sent me one too big so I asked the ol man to modify it and make it fit. He did (retired Ironworker :muscle:t3:) Then I figured it out :weary:
This is the reason that, even though I actually needed a much smaller tent, I couldn’t send the big one back. Good news, the ol man fixed it :heart: