The "I got so stoned..." thread


But this was when I would only smoke 1 or 2 times a month


I got so stoned I tried to calibrate my pH meter with GH FloraGro and I stared at the 4.9 reading boggled on how the heck my plants never screamed at me.


Hahahaha! I’m out of likes but that’s a good one.


I got so stoned I came up with this stupid ass name :joy:


@Tylan bruh , Hahaha haha dude I bout spit my coffee everywhere :joy:


I would like to meet and smoke with you all. If we ever get this legal b.s. clear, we need to have ILGM picnics.


Out of likes but :+1:


I got so stoned back in the 70’s. I got so stoned in the 80’s. I got so stoned in the 90’s I think I’m still stoned now.


I’ve been there before. I NEVER go grocery shopping stoned anymore ! ! I always come home with everything but what I went there for.


ALLEGEDLY!!!..I texted my daughters (who were upstairs watching TV) about 1am last night the following:

“Hey, so I have a questionae…IS it normal fur yur eye to fall out QUESTIONN MARKED”

I am suspicious as to the legitimacy of this text…


Yeah gotta call bs on that one too…
NOT @rodri59


LOL blah to you Nug…

Oh and for anyone wondering, my eyes are still firmly affixed to me eye sockets, so yeah I call bull on that too…


This has just got to stop. I don’t start getting SS until mid-February and you are costing me money for extra Dependos, dammit!! I am gonna have to say that from my point of view it sounds legit to me. BWAHAHAHAHA:rofl::smiley::sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh pffffffttttt…


I’m with you sister :hugs: … as I sneak off for a Dependos change :joy:


I could see doing that lmao glad I put my pH meter to rest now only reason I will pull it out is if there’s issues. But everytI’m I mix my gallon of nftg it always checks out 6.3


DOES ANYONE REMEMBER (?) Good question that…

The ONE TIME early in you being introduced to pot - you got high…

AND COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING no matter what you did, or how hard your friends tried to get you to shut up?

You knew you were BLOWING it, had to chill out, but just kept busting up laughing about every single thing you saw and heard! You couldn’t help it…

I think that happens to all of us JUST ONCE, and never again.

~ Dunno why

But after that, it becomes this:


The total “Sensual Impact” of wherever you happen to be when it occurs to you that you are bombed out of your !@#$en clyde…

EX: “Dude, I’m tellin’ ya the stonishness of that concert was amazing…”

Enough from me, I’m going to go listen to ENYA now
(and I saw where my post got edited - thanx)


So I did this last week.

I was rushing around in the morning trying to complete tasks in my grow tent, with my drying harvest, washing clothes and packing for camp. In the midst of all of that I got partially dressed to run my GF to work, came back, finished up my chores and proceeded to get dressed for work. I do the bulk of that in the basement where our laundry room is as I keep most of my everyday clothes handy there.

It wasn’t until I went upstairs and popped into the bathroom to brush my teeth that I realized I got so stoned I had two flannel shirts on. Not realizing because I had insulated underwear on that I put a second shirt on over the first LMAO I thought it was a bit snug but just figured I needed to layoff on the whiskey and ginger ales at camp.

So, I got so stoned I almost left the house with 2 shirts on, but I didn’t and now, only you and I know!!!


As I mentioned in another thread, this weekend I used the SSH that we grew over the summer…1st time…Um wow:

I felt the right side of my face had slid down into my lap and for whatever reason I felt the urge to mold it like clay into a cup. I had to be talked out of finding a kiln and firing it.

So, there you go.


I went to my friends house and he told me that he had to work but let my self in so i did .After getting stoned i decided id make dinner so i scrounged around in his kitchen was making dinner and i hear the door open and a woman walks in and asked very nicely what the @#*%@#$ I was doing in her house . My friend told me his apartment was the door to the left funny boy it was the right hand door was his place so after explaining what happened my friend shows up and we all had a good laugh smoked a bowl and ate the pasta and garlic bread i made.