The "I got so stoned..." thread


I am still trying to get past the fact that you can drive when you are high! I am impressed @FreakyDeekie…I can’t even find the garage when I am high, let alone locate the car in it and figure out how to put the key in the ignition…


I miss that kind of high


Thanks FreakyDeekie, that was awesome! I appreciate the gift of laughter.


I was real young and it wasn’t good weed… horrible cotton mouth and paranoia. Was pretty sure the cockroach that was staring at me was going to call the cops…think I took 1 hit too many.


Remember @rodri59 that my stuff wasn’t all that great. Had to harvest early due to the spider mites! I long for one of those highs where you can’t even find the car :slight_smile: :green_heart: :seedling:


Latest “I Got So Stoned…” contribution:

For some reason, the other night, it seemed EXTREMELY urgent for me to tell my adult daughters - who live with us - that I had a junk drawer in the kitchen… So urgent I managed to traverse the staircase to their “hang out space” to tell them. Their response?? “OMG moooooooom, stoooooooop!”

As of this writing, no one knows just why it was so important that they know this. But, I am attempting to figure this head scratcher out.


Out likes as usual @rodri59


LOL @rodri59 , I just simply must head south to partake of that stuff you grew! It sounds amazing!! :rofl::joy::heart_eyes::star_struck::sunglasses::thinking:


:laughing: Come on over Freaky, you will NOT regret it :crazy_face:


Your daughters are blessed to have a mom of your coolness…


I am not sure they appreciate me as much as you think they should, @DieHigh55…lol but that is half the fun sometimes.


Out of likes @rodri59 but too funny. Lol


I got so stoned, one day I thought @Countryboyjvd1971 was @bob31 so I smoked some more; then I thought @VelcroThumb was @M4ur



@BIGE @Screwauger @Bogleg @VelcroThumb
I got so stoned I won’t do grocery shopping again while medicated. (Remember that hidden edible I found earlier today?)

I originally went for buns and an onion for sloppy joes. I came back with WAAY too much than I should’ve had. I forgot after I got there, I didn’t drive. 7lbs of chicken, 3lbs ground beef, 3lbs of bacon, 3 lbs onions, 2 packs of buns, 12 pack of coke, 1lb of coffee, 6 boxes of cereal that were on sale, and of course assorted amounts of candy… I struggled all the way back to the house…


LOL, welcome to my world!! :slight_smile:


Sorry @Covertgrower that made me giggle out loud. Sounds like something I could do.


the struggle is real!!


Haha! That sounds like a normal shopping trip for me.

I always drive tho…I do forget where I parked most time :crazy_face:


Damned Walmart!!:joy::joy::joy:
Today I felt so damn geriatric!!
I forgot where I parked my car as well until I remembered I ate take out before the Walmart stroll.
I left it at the damn restaurant. Smoked after lunch on my stroll. WOW!!!


Roflmbo now this is funny, so here’s mine and it’s true… I got so stoned I got lost in my own neighborhood and it took me 30 min of driving around my neighborhood before I realized we had moved across town about 4 or 5 days earlier

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