The "I got so stoned..." thread


Hahahahahaha!!! :laughing:


Oh dear, I got so stoned that my best friend and I danced in our underwear on the cat walk of the Modesto central canal under a full moon and didn’t get assaulted or arrested! Oh, California in the 70’s!! :green_heart: :seedling:


I got so stoned that I forgot that I’ve already posted how I got so stoned! :triumph: :smoking:

#24 @70sChick betcha don’t remember this one, lol


@bryan. I can’t get the link to work… :sunglasses::v:


This is pretty much my whole life. :laughing: That and losing an item without having gotten up or moved :wink:


I got so stoned I went to watch Preditor but ended up seeing Lost Boys :laughing:


(I smoked with a buddy I hadn’t seen in a year yesterday, and he said, “I know I’m stoned when I…” and I’ll finish that here.)
I got so stoned, I forgot to fast-forward through the commercials on the DVR.

(And tonight, this actually happened to me!!)
I got so stoned, after placing 4 different strains of seeds in 6 carefully labeled starter pots, I reached for the potting soil bag and tipped over the tray, spilling soil and seeds all over the floor. Guess I’ll have to guess which is the AK-47, which is Bubblegum, and which is Sour Diesel. At least the White Widow autos will be obvious. I’ll feel VERY lucky if all 6 seeds pop, I’m not even 100% sure I got seeds back in every pot!


Oh well it was Dr Hook “I got stoned and I missed it “


Iam so stoned my phone is not able to take and download clear picture :joy:, its snowing here I be stoned next 3-4 months…:wink:


I was in my friends second floor apartment. They were not home. They were messy, so I decided to clean up/organize a bit while I waited for the smoke man to arrive. I turned the water on in his kitchen sink when the doorbell rang. Great! Smoke is here! I know I must try the smoke out before getting back to what I was doing. I rolled a fatty and lit us up. Good stuff it was…but then I remembered the water was running, or maybe it was the fact that water was cascading down the hall that alerted me to the problem. OMFG…the water was a good four inches deep in the kitchen and rolling down the hall with a quickness. Just then my friends brother got home and together we got it cleaned up. He took a broom and literally pushed the water down the hall and the stairs leading down to first floor and outside, and I did the mop/ring out water part. It was total chaos. We got it as dry as we could and then set up fans to better it. I decided the floors never looked better, and rolled another bomb. :rofl::laughing::rofl:


That’s a good one @Tr33

I had a similar episode in 2005. I had the summer off because of a mild heart attack. I was addicted to a computer sim golf game (Links LS). I played and chatted with dudes all over the world so I lived and ate at my PC waiting for my turn lol

I lived in an apartment above a business. I started some water running in the kitchen sink to clean dishes. Of course, I was stoned out of my mind as I spent most days in my robe, baked to the max.

I went back to my golf game, had a snack, did a few more bongs then a knock at the door. Are you running water? the lady says. Oh jeepers, yes. [For like 90 minutes].

They had to close the business and have a cleaning company come in. BTW the business was my landlord.

They forgave me until a month later…I.Did.The.Exact.Same.Thing.

Conclusion: I got so stoned I got evicted.


I forgot about this thread. Hilarious stuff here.

One time I went and got groceries, came home, carried just a couple bags so my hands would be free to unlock the door. I set the bags down, then noticed I’d loaded a fresh bowl before I left. I sat down “for just a second” to take a hit or 3. 4 hrs later I wake up to a knock on the door. A neighbor wanting to know if I needed help with my groceries seeing I’d left the car back doors and tailgate open to the world for that long. Oh and it was August. Melted ice cream is all I’m saying.


Hilarious @muffybunny

Just the other day I got so stoned I was filling the dogs five gallon water dispenser. I went through my routine of taking it to the tub, cleaning it out and refilling it. I always use the screw on cover as a prop under the jug to lean it toward the tub water spigot, so it fills quicker. The cover screws on and has a rather large hole in the center and when placed upside down in the dispenser, water only comes out when the level drops enough to let air inside.

I carried the five gallon jub over to his dish/dispenser, paused as I thought, hmmm seems like I missed a step, then proceeded to flip the jug into the dispenser, the cover, still in the tub and not screwed onto the jug. At least 2 maybe 3.5 gallons of water gushes onto the dish and all over the floor. I grab towels and run to the basement as that is where it is all going to go.

What a marooooon.


Just found this thread :joy: how are we still kickin? Or in prison…
Last year I was bleaching buckets to plant in (before i bought fabric ) garden tub was filling up. I got the bright idea to hit the bong. 45 min. Later I had a oh sh8t moment , jumped up to find the ol lady’s closet flooded.
Talk about trouble I thought she would kill me.


So yesterday I needed to go grocery shopping, out of several staples and stuff for NY Eve and NY Day. Packed a bowl of WW with about 50 % kief and then decided I really needed to get in the shower and get going. Got all of that stuff done, put on my coat, shot my car to start it and then saw the bowl I had packed earlier. Oh goody, I will take a hit and head out. I take a little hit, the lighter slips so I take another hit, a big one, so big I got head spinners and then I remembered why I had my coat on and could hear the car running in the garage. OK, I’m good, I will drive the back road, which I do about half the time anyway and off I go. It’s all good, 23 miles on a nearly straight almost highway road, don’t even remember the trip. Oops, gotta go to that bank. I pull up out front and making out my deposit slip in the car and a dark skinned man comes walking up to the door and has some kind of a bulky bag ( came from out of nowhere ), he pauses in the foyer, just standing there I start getting paranoid that he is a bank robber or a terrorist, more because of his actions and that bulky bag than the color of his skin but after 5 minutes, no explosions, or gunfire so I decree it is safe to go into the bank. I do my banking and scold myself for thinking this guy is a bank robber but his English was just awful and apparently he was trying to withdraw $1000 from his account via the teller and his debit card but he had no ID. Anyway, off to the grocery store where I have to walk the entire length of the parking lot, which now seems like miles. After trudging into the store I promptly run into one of my friends who wants to chat, I have my list memorized, or so I think, but too much tarrying will make me lose it! I talk to my friend for about 20 minutes and then excuse myself. So it then takes me over 2 hours to buy groceries. Hubby complained at Christmas that my daughter-in-law didn’t make her usual dirt cake and he missed it. I didn’t even know he liked it that well. Trip was partially successful and all I forgot was the bread, milk, Oreos for the dirt, guacamole for hubby’s corn chips, but hell I have 5 bars of cream cheese, 2 pints of cream, $40 worth of deli meat, another $35 for cheese. I attempted to buy gas for the car but pulled into the pump the wrong way twice and gave up…got home, put stuff away, and collapsed. I never shopped buzzed before and I don’t think I will do it again. Now I have to go back into town either today or tomorrow, and baby, it’s cold outside!! :green_heart: :seedling:


That is the best reading for a while :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: @FreakyDeekie… This story rocks my friend…
What was in your mind to put 50% kief… I only sprinkle it :joy:


LOL, heck if I know why @M4ur loaded so much kief in there, but I think it was because these were some small WW popcorn buds and I figured they wouldn’t be very strong. The bad part was that I hadn’t smoked any since the 20th, since I was away in Indiana with my family, only one of whom partakes, so well over a week since I had smoked. I drove fine, just didn’t shop well :wink: :green_heart: :seedling:


Lol I think you need to be more careful about it :+1:


TWO words … DEPENDOS change :rofl: