The "I got so stoned..." thread


I thought I’d show this one completed. It’s got it’s mistakes and I wouldn’t want it any other way lol

Here’s three so far and many bowls later.

Felt on the bottom.


which vape has the largest bowl? any idea how i can build my own vape that can hold a zip?


Lol I have no idea but I can’t wait to see what people say or what you come up with lol.


i opened a new thread diy dry herb vape


I got so stoned I pronounced the strain zkittles as many ways as I could think of, every way possible (I thought) and some that were silly. Then I went duh, skittles!!!


@ntmaremach those are awesome!! Find some classic marbles at a flea market or yard sale to go with them and put them on EBay. You will effing clean up!!


I’m a frequent flyer, what can I say.

Tonight, helping my gf hunt for holiday table settings in the basement, I came across this rolled up brown sack. It seemed out of place so I unrolled it and inside, rolled in layers of bubble wrap are two quart jars of weed. BBA 1 and BBA 2. Both vacuum sealed.

I’ve been looking up and down for those jars of blueberry and just last week gave up and figured I must have gifted them to my sister when she visited in July. No biggy, I’m just a bit strain locked on my pineapple.

I have absolutely no recollection of ever “stashing” those two jars or packaging them like that, lol.

Moral of the story, I got so stoned I hid weed, forgot about it, remembered it, couldn’t find it, thought I gave it away, then found it by accident.

I Love Growing Marijuana


I’ve been there before, and more than once.
Back with a like for ya in 10hrs


In out of likes as usual, but those are all fantastic. Keep them coming!


Ugh… My wake and bake game was a little uneven. Too much bake and not enough wake. I definitely just made my coffee without remembering to, you know, put my coffee cup underneath to catch all the caffeinated deliciousness! :weary::weary::weary:


The sad part is @Blazin_Skywalker , I’ve done that when I’m not high except it was a full pot coffeemaker. :grimacing:


Lol nice one! I’ve (many, many times) put the ground coffee straight into my cup. Like, oops, I think I forgot a few steps there…


At least you remembered the coffee, I’ve woken to many a morning of a pot full of hot water.


My idea of a “mental challenge” is loading the dishwasher so that everything gets washed properly, and then trying to remember where everything goes when it’s done. One evening I left one of the upper kitchen cabinet doors open, walked into it and smacked my forehead. The door swung and hit me again. Shemp Howard couldn’t have done it better!


how are you doing my friend?
i’m a regular on the show as well!!


Hey @BIGE! Im doin’ good, man, as long as I don’t walk into cabinet doors or fall down the stairs. Waiting for my own 3 Stoogettes to ripen, but that won’t be for a few weeks yet. Got a sativa, autoflower indica (a first) and high CBD plant for my magical skin creams, and all are as sweet as can be.


This just made me lol :joy:


Oh me too. I have days where I just think I have messed up my thc intake. Normally, things go smoothly when at cruising altitude but some days, you know, drop the keys on the way out the door and they hit your boot just right to launch them under the stove. Now we gotta get a flashlight and yard stick, step on the cat. Grrrrrr get the F out of my way!! Then of course, get the keys, whack the head and spend another ten minutes searching for band-aides.
Just last friday, threw a 12 pack of soda in the veg drawer of the fridge, stood up and put a hole in the top of my head on the freezer door handle.


I got so stoned, I hurt myself out of sheer numbskullness


ohh shit yea! i’m my own worse enemy…lol
everything from tow hitches,to burning out the seat of my britches!