The "I got so stoned..." thread


Just like “Little Johnnie” jokes, or “Knock-Knock” jokes - but with a different direction.

Complete the following sentence (especially if it is about your own leaf and buds):


I got eye drops all over my glasses.

I couldn’t decide what I was trying to remember

Add on as many as you can - umm…
write down :sunglasses:


I got so stoned I remembered an idea I had when I was stoned some other time, but had forgotten.


I got so stoned I ate crawdads…I gag every time I think about it.


I got so stoned…

wait, what were we talking about?


I got so stoned, I read the same post 3 times and still didn’t know what it was about! :joy::heart:


OMG :shaking head: I just don’t know where to start! lol

I got so stoned…I heard sinkholes forming 2 states away…
I was sure that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions were hiding in the bushes in our backyard spying on me.
I was convinced I could end global warming (don’t ask… suffice it to say it had everything to do with used baby diapers in landfills)
I heard snakes talking and they told me about the cure for global warming…
I cried over the millions of helpless bushels of wheat that give their lives for us to have cereal.
I argued with my husband (who was very sober) that water does indeed have a shape.
I spent a solid hour one night trying to call Dr. Phil to report my neighbors who were shooting off fireworks.

Yeah so much more where that came from :crazy_face:


I wanna party with you!


I got so stoned, I’ve gone into a room, gotten distracted from the original reason for going in there, finished what I was doing, went back into the other room, to remember why I went in the other room for originally, went back in the other room complete the task, only to remember it was a different task, then actually finish it, the finally sit down, and think about what else should’ve remembered, but don’t recall…


I got sooo stoned…
And I am still stoned :wink:


That’s me every 2 hours. Lol


Someone on the forum was talking about a helicopter and I looked up my old post Playlist round 1
But forgot what post I was going to reply to.
Glad I found this one at least


Are you watching me get ready for work?? @Covertgrower


I got so stoned that I figured out the secret to time travel & then forgot what I was thinking about.

I got so stoned that it took me 45mins to remember that I was writing this post.


I got so stoned(affectionately called blind) that it took me 1 hour to find my keys laying in plain sight on my bar. Damn!


I got so stoned I forgot I got stoned, and got stoned again!


Happened to me


I got so stoned I hallucinated and thought you were Peter Falk.






Baahaaa. @Screwauger :joy::v: