The; I can't believe we are all at a Marijuana website during Xmas, thread. All are welcome


Thought I would start a shoot ther shit thread for the members that drop by. Happy Holidays to all, and if you are not having holidays; Enjoy the day :smiley:
Can’t wait to see who posts. Peace, latewood


I hear you can make killer sandwiches. True?


I’ll start…

I showed my 15-year-old daughter my grow room tonight. First she’s heard of it. I’ve raised her to be open with me and if she is, I’ll do whatever I can to help her. But if she F’s up and doesn’t say anything and I find out, the consequences will be much greater.

It only seems fair for me to do the same. She was okay with it since it’s legal now.


I"ve always been totally open with my son, he now lives in Las Vegas, (I’m in NY) but we talk about everything for hours on the phone, He smokes now and I told him that I am growing again , I told him about ILGM and my accomplishments since I"ve joined, He thinks its the greatest thing, and now we have even More to talk about, since then he has created his own ILGM name (weed runner) and soon hopes to be joining the ranks of the Grow Community !!


Cool man, I always feel things need to work both ways. Her mother is a little more strict but with me, I let her make her own choices, within reason. She’s only 15.


Yes within reason, I always let my son know who the Boss was, he"s 27 now never been in any major trouble and finding his way, I try to press the importance of college, training etc… Its funny now the things he tells me that he avoids (trouble)


Well, I don’t have kids to share with but, my parents know what I do for a living due to my openness. Later all :slight_smile:


Just sitting out the back deck enjoying the evening cooling down ,while enjoying a few Billy’s


Merry Christmas guys and a happy new year
There’s a reason we are on here it’s the best forum around, Facebook ain’t got sh@# on us!!!:joy::laughing::laughing::laughing::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::imp:


Waiting for my daughter to wake up. We are still in the stage of believing in santa. So exciting for everyone.

Well merry Christmas everyone!


Happy holidays to all who are part of the ILGM
Decided to check in before the family starts to show up
I wish you a peaceful and happy day
God bless you all :grin:


Merry Christmas everyone…hope you all got something good from Santa.


Merry Xmas to all fellow growers no better place to be but all surrounded around are trees…:smiley:


:evergreen_tree::christmas_tree:merry christmas everybody :christmas_tree::evergreen_tree:


Merry Christmas @latewood

Making the Card


Hope it was a good one


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.
My new vape pen, only few dollars and definitely bang for a few bucks. Ive hitten it already like 20 times off one bowl


Merry Christmas everyone! Love this forum and ILGM.
Hope it was a good one.


Great to see all the happy people.

Well, I got through it but, it seems like there is absolutely no love lost between me and the 'ol lady. she’s been up my butt all day.

It is so nice to come here and see all the blessings and well wishes of you all. Let’s us all hope for another great week and HappyNewYea…ketboardspacrbarbrokeLOLOLOL


If it is food and I am cooking, it is killer…LOL :smiley: