The humidity struggle is real


88% outside 74% inside grow room with a dehumidifier. Can I get a cold front? Supposedly charcoal briquettes are a natural moisture absorber. Guess I will try that next.


Same here brau. If I do get the humidity down then the temp gets high. I’m in the Midwest and it’s balls soup around here.


How is your room set up as far as exhaust and what not
I recycle my air from flower room back into my basement where I have a fresh air intake set up that i cycle on and off with a timer
I run a dehumidifier in the basement and maintain 55 % where i have veg tents set up
I also have ac in flower room set to maintain 74 with a second dehumidifier that brings me down to 45%
And i then exhaust my flower room back into basement and have intake fans back into flower room all exhaust and intake fans are filtered with carbon filters Zero smell
Im in the NE and humidity has been a monster this year
It may sound over kill but I maintain humidity levels perfectly with this set up
Let me know if i can assist
Im a commercial Hvac mechanic


I am in a closet. Running 6 inch exhaust into the attic. Intake is opening the closet doors.I have a hydro set up with tent but couldn’t use it at last minute cause I had to move it. I have a dehumidifier but when it’s 88% humidity outside it makes it hard to control. But weather channel says it’s going to cool off next week so I’m hoping that helps.


DEHUMIDIFIER! If youve got alot of humidity charcoal wont help


You got one large enough to decrease humidity for entire space of closet. My tents in my bedroom. I first got a small dehumidifier that said would work for footage in tent. But i was drawing in my bedroom air & wasnt working. It didnt fix my problem until i got one big enough to dehumidify entire room. Now its one less thing to worry about. It will draw however as much electricty as a window a/c.


Yea I bought 2 Pro Breeze 1100 cubic feet dehumidifiers. One in my closet and one in tent. I’m going to buy 1 large one for tent this week and put the 2 small ones together in closet.


Good sweetie, that type of humidity when you get in flower will make you cry! And another plus winter is on its way with dry air.


As @Laurap mentioned it will be easier to maintain humility in space if you allow the fans to pull the dry air in


Yes I’m fearing bud rot of I don’t get problem taken care of. Just went to flowering last week.


Ok thanx for the tips!!!


You should be fine when you get the big dehumidifier next week. Until then continue with what youre doing. If youve got charcoal or cat litter put in with them. It helps a little but that much humidity will take a dehumidifier.