The harvest was today come over and check it out

Well I decided to harvest today I’ve posted some pic’s enjoy



Looking good ! Now the hard part. . . not smoking it too soon and letting it cure ! Nice work. Keep us informed of how the drying and curing goes.

Good Grows and Great Buds


Wow looks great, Hope I get a few like that.

Great job Garrigan! Your harvest is awesome.

Thank You MT1 I have learned alot from all of you. So my hat is off to everyone who had any type of input.
I look forward to my next grow witch is in full swing as I type.
Once again Thank you all


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Good for you. Nice to see an entire successful grow! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I Thank you for all your help Lakewood.
I feel right at home here, I pretty much live in here reading reading and taking notes on what you and Stoner say to other browser’s a wealth of information so Thank you two