The harvest is a week away


Well it’s been a long trip down this twisted road.
I would like to take the time to Thank everyone who helped along the way and you now who you are and I say "THANK YOU"
I am looking forward to many more grows and your help.
Here are a couple of pics before harvest and my clones that will replace them.



Wow Garrigan … they look great. Your clones look really healthy too! I’m happy for you!


Thank you MT1 I’ll keep you posted on how they turn ouTcast wait…lol



Topped that clone and tie those big fan leaves down stretching them apart and that will help train it for a main lining stalk , and you will get 2 new nodes from there and when they grow topped it again and tie them down and you will get 2 on one & 2 on the other which will be be 4 main colas on each side of main lined stalk and keep your plant short .


Ok will do and thank you for your ad ice.
I was wounding when to start ok that and keep the plant short will do.



Looks great and thank for helping with my plants the root stimulator and hydrogen peroxide mix worked their doin great


That’s good to hear iceberg iem glad it worked for ya.



Well iem moving up harvest to Wensday. I see Amber so
Wednesday they should be about half an half. Will post pics off the harvest.



I have to see that Will ?


You will…lol it’s going to be awesome



I’m sure , you finishing like 33 plants right ?




Yes 33 ladies they are just about half an half cloudy Amber



Holy crap man , you have lots of work to do . Do you starve them of light the last 2-3 days to help curing ?