The Growers Table

Pull up a seat at the growers table all are welcome i created this topic because i either cant talk about growing with my friends or ive already talked about it so much its no longer something they like to talk about lol so tell me about your grows


How about you start, what are your grow(s) like? Set an example of the kinds of things you would like to discuss.


It’s going pretty well im always trying to optimize my auto grows but I feel like my rspec keeps setting off flower early and I actually vegged better under a cheaper Mars hydro so next grow im going to try transitioning spectrums at preflower and see if I get more robust vegging


I grew a monster cherry pie in a permasand bucket, had a sweet grainy taste… I’ll wash the bucket out better next time


This is a random bag seed i started well i pieced my tent together the tent is a 2x4x5 vivosun with a 4”vivosun inline exhaust fan, 400W HID light medium is my own super-coco mix and i amend with gia green organic dry amendments every 3 weeks other then that i just water with pH 6.2 to 6.8 untill finish

And these are the new recruits 1 blueberry 4 cheese and 1 tuna rockstar

Yeah i could see that causing the problem maybe getting a Bspec for veg would have the opposite effect?

What is a permasandbucket?

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Ok, I’ll go.

2 Punch Bubbles in a 2x4 in their last 24 hours of light, getting chopped very soon. Hoped they would turn purple and have beautiful buds, but alas. I have no idea what this strain is suppose to be like. They are under HLG 320 kit. The one on left got Heavy 16 nutrients, the one on the right got Fox Farms dirty dozen plus cal-mag. Both in coco, 5 gallon plastic pots. The one on right is elevated 8 inches. I think I’m done using Fox Farms on all but outdoor grows.

The above are 2 LA Confidential in a 3x3, starting 4th week since flip. They have outgrown the tent and the tallest branch is about 76 inches tall. I expected to scrog one in the 3x3 but it didn’t work out. Using AutoPots 5 gallon fabric and Ionic Nutrients in coco. HLG 260 kit with 2 HLG 60w supplemental lights.

Next are a punch bubble clone in back, and a LA Confidential in front. They are in a 3x3 shorty using a Kind “full spectrum” over priced blurple. The LA Confidential is in a 5 gallon AutoPot, but had some struggles during its formative days when it got buried in the back of the tent with its hose pinched. They are now on Advanced Nutrients Coco connoisseur line of nutrients. They will be moved to 2x4 next week when the punch bubbles in first photo are cut down. Both starting 4th week since flip. Don’t buy a Kind blurple and don’t buy a Gorilla Grow 3x3 Shorty. I hate the tent because it’s just too darn short and you almost have to climb into the tent to look at the plants.

This is a punch bubble clone in a 3.9 gallon AutoPot with air dome, using coco under a 600w HPS lamp. Also starting 4th week since flip. It gets the Ionic line of nutrients. Yes those are geraniums in the background.

Last but not least,

2 more LA Confidential seedlings I’m starting for summer long outdoor grow in 45 gallon grow bags. One will be grown in compost from my compost pile full of creepy crawlies. The other in a mix of ProMix, fox farms soil conditioner, perlite and anything else I can use up filling up a 45 gallon pot. The one in back off to a slow start but is recovering nicely. The six plants on the left are tomatoes.

There, that’s me, is that detailed enough or too much.

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The top punch bubbles look healthy healthy and dank but they got an odd budshape eh? And about that overgrown LA confidential is there room to tie it down or do some past ditch super cropping? Also hows growing weed compared to flowers i imagine the weeds WAY more forgiving? Im also pretty hyped for the outdoor season this year im gearing up for a good year lol