The Grow

After trying to resurrect 3 of my 5 plants for too much oxygen, I’m sure I lost one, the others are battling back. One plants has mostly green leaves 25% are brownish tipped, two others which are young look Great, I’m just wondering what to do with the other. You can see them on "YouTube under lavakane Fan. I’m not sure on what to do with the possible lost one because it has flowers that look good… You’ll notice that I had a different light. that’s a whole other story

Saw the vids, mostly. I’m confused by your statement “too much oxygen”. Why oxygen and from what kind of source? How is it applied? I saw what (with my brief glance through your vids without being able to hear any audio) looks like nutrient or nitrogen burn. Did you mean too much nitrogen?

Got to be too much Nitrogen McG. “Too much Oxygen”? Can’t happen; Unless you are on fire! 8-O

I could totally see some guy trying to rig up his passed on relative’s oxygen tank and try to apply it like a CO2 grow, lol.

You know, like they totally miss-understood something they saw in a grow video. However the tank could totally be re-used as long as it’s routinely hydrostatically tested and filled with co2 instead, and it would already have a regulator…hmm, probably shouldn’t be giving anyone ideas like that. Someone might steal grandpa’s oxygen tank, lol.

OK, I bothered to watch the ‘comeback’ video with audio and he is clearly saying nitrogen but anyway I’m also not sure what he means by " I’m just wondering what to do with the other." If there is enough of a flower with supporting green stems and leaves you might be able to save the genetics of that plant by trying to clone that flower and get a “monster crop plant”. Taking the cutting and putting in a bubble cloner with pure water would also help the healthy living tissue recover from the over feeding. I’m not sure you would want to smoke any of the leftover flowers as you would certainly taste it and the smoke would be very harsh – probably not good for cooking in food either. You might be able to make bubble hash from it.