The Grow needs categorization

I’ve noticed lately that people have started putting grow journals in:
Indoor → The Grow
instead of:
Beginner → Grow Journals

I also noticed that “The Grow” does not include a sticky “about this category.”

To keep things from getting intermixed, perhaps you might put in a description that says something like, "This is for questions, ideas and advice related to the growth stages between seedling and harvest stages. Grow Journals can be found (insert hyperlink) here.

All this is assuming this is what The Grow was originally intended for, of course.

I think a lot of us don’t consider ourselves Beginners, so we put our journals under The Grow.


That’s a very good point.
I personally would like to see journals separated from regular discussions to make both easier to traverse. Maybe the Beginner, Indoor and Outdoor sections could each have their own grow journal subforum.

I think most of us prefer to fret over our grows, rather than this site’s organization. :grinning:

Happy growing and toking!

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Haha. You’re right - I think I’ve had too much time on my hands today.

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Time to put a bong in your hands, instead! Spark it!