The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


I hope your Day is going well @Shuggz ! So on your nutrient mixture, you can pre-mix your nute solution and add an air stone to it. The PH will fluctuate. So prior to feeding, just check ph, and adjust accordingly up or down :point_up:️:point_down: :+1::+1::v:️


Sorry to hear about the back and the phone hopefully both will get figured out soon @Shuggz


thank fam
i try to get the sample of the nector of the gods and they said later mate u cant have well not like that but it was some thinking tho do wid a chem in it that starts wid a B cant remember uk have banned it so that means it not a organic product is it peps thanks @bob31 @AmnesiaHaze @noobius @Covertgrower @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971

also can some tell me if knw can i put bio bloom and top max in durin veg stage it will real save me frm makin another 9L up i realy hope so


@Shuggz I’m not familiar with those nutes, but check the feeding schedule and stick to that. Normally they send the schedule on the back of the bottle


@Shuggz I’m also not familiar enough with those nutrients. Nectar of the gods is mostly organic, but they do state they use non-organic ingredient to help with stabilization, and longer shelf life in one of their products I believe. I don’t recall which one it is specifically.


yea its only got how much to give per L the chart that wer sent i get them and are fuzzy
u knw i make the 9L up and do that and jst leave the other one wid air stone in i think i will veg for 6/7 weeks in stead of tue 8/9 i would was thinkin well we will see hay blessd @noobius


yeah its mad i think i will stick wid the dutchy one im using now peps have said its a good one frm were i get my one frm lot off peps buy so i was told it like there main sell nxt to 2 other one bless


yeah bro i have done that wid air stone it jst i add a nutri in wen thatr shoud be add in 1week of flower onwards i jst well i was told that u can add both in at veg stage cause of my pain i forget a lot of things so jst was checkin if that is ok to do bless


@Shuggz No use grow for veg and bloom for flower I believe is what your asking. Don’t use flower nutrients in the veg stage buecause they don’t need the extra potassium or phosphorous until they being making buds. Nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen for veg


blessd fam yea i jst made a 9L FOR THE MORING and that is i mess up think the bio bloom was bio heaven must uff been real high so high been smokin lemon hayes import frm dutch land its banging again im high so high bless @AmnesiaHaze



Yes mate you can i sent you the schedual @shugz


@Shuggz yea mate you can use grow bloom and topmax together am using bloom ,heaven, grow fish mix alg-a-mic and topmax with magne-cal+ and playgron green sensation.


@Shuggz here my friend. You can add them all together in one mix 1ml of each into 1itre of water as you can see each drop equals 1ml into 1litre and we are about wk6 to wk 7 3ml of grow 3ml of bloom 1ml topmax 4ml heaven etc can all go into 1litre of water. So you just times it by whatever your making up so if its 10litres of water then you times it all by 10 .
I will also send you a list explaining what all the products do my friend.

HOPE THIS IS OF HELP MY FRIEND. :sunglasses::nerd_face:


Bio bizz is different the chart shows u to use them at different levels all thoughtout your grow done right they are supposedly a very good value for money nutrients and are developed for growing. @AmnesiaHaze @Shuggz @bob31. I have learned so much from you all now i just need to get the experience in so i can call myself a grower. Would like to become a breeder in time but first things first. I have alot of info now on bio bizz and what i dont have i can find out. It is a spanish company from what ive found they seem to know there stuff they do it all from soil to nutes if anyone wants there website just drop me a message and i will gladly help.


hey fam how we doin today thanks fam

so it was water day today so i got it down to ph6 and my run off is 5.7/5.6/5.4 and 5.0/5.1/5.0 is that rite or is that not @bob31 @Mikos @noobius @AmnesiaHaze @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 thanks


Hey there @Shuggz Hows things across the pond?

Are they all in the same soil mix? @Shuggz


Did @Mikos explanation on the bio-biz get you figured out @Shuggz


yeah thanks it alway help wen someone uses the same nutri

hey there thing are ok over my side and u so ther are x6 in multi purpose wid coco-and allmix and x2 are in allmix multi pursose coco clay pellets root boost and volocano min @bob31 so bro why wounld it drop like that or do u think i shud keep at 6.8 cause so far they do look good i realy dont knw wat to be doin


Thats a great question i think it drops so much because you feed them as they are soil so they need to buffer more to get it to the ph tht suits ur girls. Am soil and soiless and am giving all mine 5.8ph and its doing great i think. Thats cause i am using perlite and vermiculite in with my soil so it changes my ph balance in the soil am using a good soil and am trying there nutes nxt time if there is on. The soil i use is for canabis ive been told irs called bio nova its a ph 6 and its a great soil for growing. @Shuggz did you get the post i sent you this morning my friend i hope it helped.


Thats actually not bad i would think but am no expert my friend. If you want help with a mix with bio bizz let me know.