The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


nope Iā€™m not going anywhere! not a chance. @Shuggz




@Mikos hey there u good can i ask u wen did u start puttin in the bio bloom in my babys are at bang on 4week today shud i start on my nxt water in 3day time can u plse let us know trhanks very much


Have you got the chart for there nutes @Shuggz

There that should help you but my advice is to use less than they tell u its upto you how much u feed them but if i were you get a tds meter av got new ones comming as i tend to drop them into the water lol. My little one is doing the best as there is a 10day difference and thts stops me making mistakes with her nutes lighting the works so my next grow aslong as i hit my target my other half says and i get to get better equipment. Plus the knowledge ive learned ontop of other qualities will help my 2nd grow if i get tht far lol. Hope the chart helps.


@Mikos I had bob31 send to me but i cant read that it a bit fuzzy and the one u sent @Mikos i dont get cause the bio bloom say after 3week then buy that chart i shud be using already but i was told at the store wen it starts to flower but that will be not yet so wat would u say start now or leave untill i put to 12/12


@Shuggz i started mine the 2nd week of grow and i used a very watered down version. I did a stupid thing in the begining winth my first two and did my own version of feed and it worked luckily i keep notes of everything i do so i can see were i go wrong. Thts why my 3rd one is doing ok. I did have PH issues which i sorted with ph pen and tds 3 meter and a par meter. All off amazon my sunflowers look amazing two lol.


That the bio bloom yea ok cause im in my 4week frm seed maybe i shud start puting in frm my nxt feed also i got the ph meter wat are the other 2 i was told that i only need ph cause im using only rain water not sure wat u think @Mikos


See were we are from makes things different in lots of ways including our rain water i use both so my girls get a variety of water sounds crazy i know but i learned alot from friends that grow and my family done it for years genarations but i have never been green fingered until my partner took ill and the illness causes alot of pain stress anxiety depression etc which means alot of medication so we did alot of research and alot of tasting etc and found that there are a few strains that help and even less that covers all issue we need. I seeing the person i care about ill and in pain and crying i wanted to help so i started reserching etc and we discovered this but as you know we have other issue we need to worry about to so seeking out what we needed isnt as easy especially when you dont always know what your getting anyway i dicovered that this can help and that with the right experience etc you can create exactly the strain with the right genetics that suits the needs. So here i am learning to grow so i can then learn how to breed. Its been 3yrs since i started my research and now decided its time to take the last leap forward and get my hands dirty lol. Sorry i ranted on a bit. Dont get out much so dont get the chance to talk to other adults alot sorry @Shuggz i am also going to try other nutrients aswell throughout my research that will help me on top of that i am looking into to making my own type of setup from building my own powerful full spectrum lights by using led grow bulbs on a shed sized grow op so that i only have to do so much a couple times a year and use it for other growing aswell. Trying to keep busy i guess.


@Mikos i knw wat u mean mate i get real bad pain for a long time i have been buying pure sen-c herb oils for along time and it get to much to keep buying so i have started to make my own and its so easy to do wen u knw how this is only my second one the 1st 1 i messd up had one male and now i have seeds frm it the baby are wat my journal say wat a mix haha all by accident o well now im doing 6 off them and look good so if u would like some jst lets us knw and i can post to you or collect frm some were ok if u wanna know how to make the oils let me know that is that best for all problem wat i do is use turmeric wid milk warm up then and orgainc honey then a bit of oils every day why u ask cause turmeric has over a 1000 thing that help us it a painkiller antiabobctic antifama etc aand the oils over 500 things i hope this help wid the pain for yr other half my blessin are wid you
so mate i think i will start that bio bloom on nxt feed but then wen u check its say use top max too i think ill mix it up aswell and thanks brother


@Shuggz mate what to do is this mate al tell you how i made it up or i can work it out for you mate. Tell me what nutrients youve got i can work out what you need to give them how much of what nute and how much water and your ph etc. Have you got a TDS meter? If not get one amazon for as little as 3quid but ur better getting a good one about tds 3 are good and different prices tht and a ph pen and the right info and your good to go.


@Mikos have u gone thru this journal if not then wat i have done so far then ok ere we go
from seed plain rain water till 1st set of leafs then i have a 25 ltr mixed up wid tomorite 80ml and mircale gro 80ml and cal-mag 12.5ml and nitrozyme 20ml and that it so far cause they are only 4week and 3day old so will let that veg out for another 3/4week and for the nxt stge i will use bio bloom and top max but i need to do another run check on all again cause the one that i have done are well i been told i mixed a soilless mix cause of to much coco in it well i knew 3/4 most def yes 2 are in half cclay pellets and soil mixd wid again coco and volocano min and 3 are in soil again mixed wid coco and vol min so i will check the run off again wen i water in t i got 8 on the go also in the 25l i got 18l left i added 50ml of bio bloom o yes i have a air pump wid stone in my water tank and thanks


Mircle grow is crap for growing in get rid and never use miricle grow for growing the girls with its probz one of the worst you can buy my friend.??


i got at that time cause it got the copper iron etc in it that why that why i used the tomorite wid seaweed in it


Well i would never use it for some reason it isnt been any good tht ive heard. Infact any grower or breeder i know advises against mircle grow theres something in it tht does somthing to ur girls. Well thts what ive been told anyway. @Shuggz id be the same if i got it for nothing i guess but its upto you its whats works for u as a grower .


@Mikos well bro b4 i got all the set up i was jst messin around and the 1st 2 i did was kohser kush and a blu widow which i had the kush up at 6ftt and bwidow up at 5 ft but i messed up annd end up getin seed so i got a good mix now of the 2 lot of seed would u like some and then i started these off and had to get nutri at that time and cause i dont have any one to talk to about it i jst got them jst cause of wat in the nutri but i will say that my baby teen look so lovely so i will use untill i can get all the line off now i have had my set up for about 2month now and only could get bio bloom and top max at that time but i will get the full line of bio blooms they are ment to be real good and my mte frm dutch land give me a lit bottle of some thing and said put 2/4 drop in and u will have that best bud ever like in dutch land but he will not tell me wat it is i will find out wat u think of my baby so far


I they are looking good my friend. Like i say this is my first ever grow of any type of plant am a gamer normally but as i explained earlier but i know how u feel when u have nobody to tlk to or tht about what we are doing. Just a shame its not as easy as facebook or whats app etc to have a conversation but we can talk here for now anyway. Or even start another topic to chat on and save the grow journals for tht?? What you think ? And i heard the same about bio bizz but i have also came across alot more people that aint heard of it which doesnt mean its bad it is a spanish company after all. Ive read so much i wouldnt believe it if i didnt know better. But ive never had a better reason to succeed at getting something right as i have with this. But living where we live makes things so difficult. But doing the research and reading ive done plus all these excellent growers and people here to get help with or even just to help figure things out. I would love to run an idea past you. Would you do it if you were me. ? @Shuggz


hey there @Mikos how u hope all is wll mate ask way and i got a topic wat say im usein rain water i sent u message frm that one if the starty a new one and jst @ me kool bless


@shugz got a internet problem atm people but hope to be back online soon as
possible. Tech and growing work great when it works thou but when it doesnt
then its alot harder to get the info and data i need and use everyday.
Anyway i will try and messag u later my friend shugz


Perfect my friend i found it and sorted the tech issue i was having. All good for now thou. @Shuggz.


hey my grow family how we all doing i hope all is well so i had a few crazy days so much pain it not good its really stressing me out cant do much back lock up middle back messd to and this real bad nerve damage frm neck down wow so must pain and now i locked my phone and i cant remember the password cant even tke out pic ahhhh nuf of that

so my baby teen are coming on fine they look nice 2moro is the water day so the mix i had made i put bio bloom in wen i was goin to put bio heaven so now i will have to jst make 8L for 2moro so i need to keep at 5.8/6.0 cause i made soilless mix up wat a dadaa well i hope i will get it rite ph is a big thing to get and i hope i do,
i also got my self another lite had to put the other one but in the clone tent so now i am running x2 600watts 1is HPS wat i had and today i got MH but i have got them 400w i hope it ok have got high so i dont have problemsi wish i could of put foto up well have to to be wen get phone sorted so that me ans my baby teen for now so my fam blessd and talk so @AmnesiaHaze @bob31 @noobius @Mikos @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971