The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


i will do @bob31 but this is the second time ok
1 wat the ph need to be
2 is my like a hydro
3 if so wat shud that be
4 if not then wat is the best ph to have at cause 2 times it has done this put in 6.8ph and it cum out at 5.5ph i think so that is a drop and if it ment to be at 6.0/6.8 im thinkin leave at 7 so wen it com out the run is in the 6 or am i so wrong



What is the second time?

hydro is water. You are like soil that isn’t soil (coco is a growing medium and not a soil)

5.8 ph

You don’t want 7 or 6 you want 5.8

6 is to high for coco

7 is too high for everything.

You guys have a good one. I’m done for the night!


i knw all frm euro frm back in the day funny it in jst i got family in ny and and to more city cant remember also in canada also cant wait to come on holiday over there @AmnesiaHaze


Very rad brother!!!


that it has drop on me wen watered 1st time was 8days ago ithink we talk about it and i said i will keep at 6.8 and see wat happen so this is 2 times now mate @bob31 thanks


@Shuggz I think what @bob31 is trying to get across is you want your PH lower in coco. It’s not the same materials you find in soil, so you can’t treat it like soil. In coco u want ur PH at 5.8. Nothing else for you matters at this point. So PH to 5.8 and you will be fine.


even if it drops the thing is im not jst in coco it mixed wid soil but its happen to hve more coco in it now upsettin anyway wat to do so it dont matter wat the ph is on run off as long as it is 5.8 wen goes in @noobius have u seen foto wat u think that is at 6.7 / 6.8 wat i have been doing atm


@shuggz yes i read through your whole journal to date. it may be mixed with soil, but the amount of coco is higher than soil, therefore you want to treat it like coco. just ph water and nutes to 5.8 and everything will work out.


now how hard was that thanks so much mate may be i didnt ask rite but that sounds rite cheers @noobius


Moring peps how we doing today here a foto of my baby in the moring wen light come on

@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @noobius @AmnesiaHaze @Covertgrower


Morning @Shuggz the garden looks happy for sure.

All is well here in New England how’s things in Olde England?


That good ere in old england same as alway the goverment still robbing us trying to wake peps up but dont understand them but still trying
Ok so u see the babys this is wat i dont get if the ph is wrong would they still look good or is there some way of tell that or not @bob31 @Covertgrower @AmnesiaHaze @noobius @Countryboyjvd1971


@Shuggz pH is a funny thing. You had enough soil at the beginning that watering and feeding at 6.5 would have been fine, but the organics in the soil lessen over time and the more dominant Coco takes over. If you keep watering at the 6.5 I am of the opinion that your plants will begin to show both pH and nutrient defficiencies due to pH lockout.

Brother, this is your grow. You have the information to make an informed decision. I’m here to mentor you and your grow and if you want to experiment with your pH that is completely up to you.

There is much documentation both on this site and all over the internet about potted MJ plants and the relationship between pH and nutrient uptake.

Please feel free to research the subject more in depth.


Hey Q wen shud i astart using my biobloom and wen do start the topmax
So im on the 31st day frm seeds today
And also i have starttd taking off 15min of my timer evey other day so if i have timed rite by the time it cum to putin in to 12/12 they will not have a stock is the ok @Covertgrower @bob31 @AmnesiaHaze @Countryboyjvd1971 @noobius thanks


@bob31 al good i get wat u been trying to let me know so bless for that will lookin to the ph side more so if i keep at ph 6 / 5.8 then i shud be ok like @noobius said to me


I’m not familiar with those nutrients @Shuggz


Are those the bio-biz nutes? @Shuggz


yes they are bro o wat a nut nut u sent me charts @bob31


You should have everything you need, I think. @Shuggz


wat is dat a bye bye no dont say that @bob31 bro ill miss u jokes yeah i think so jst need to get this ph rite cause rite about now im confuse cause the baby teens look good :thinking: