The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


I never knew the proper term for checking your soils ph in a glass of 7.0 water was a “slurry” test. Thank you for the vocabulary @bob31 :+1: :wink: I’m just another noob learning something new everyday


@bob31 you sent a diagram to @mikos can u send that to me cause the one wid the soil is the one i am using the 1st one on list and also in going to use the bio-bizz aswell so that nuti chart would be handy


well @Shuggz if the pH of your soil is really more like a soiless mix and you keep giving it water and feed at 6.5 to 7 then you will at some point have sick plants. Some are very sensitive to pH and some are not.

I believe in doing the slurry test as it gives us an accurate picture of what the ph should be. Sometimes we have to listed to the plants and the soil. They are talking to us! hahaha

Another member passed the slurry test and directions on to me, though I don’t recall who it was @AmnesiaHaze


@bob31 wat happen if the the soil acts like a soilless mix wat is the meanin of that sorry im lost on that


sure, I will send you the three, the one that has everything listed, the one for indoor and the one for hydro, so you have them all @Shuggz




If you click on these pics you will then see download at the bottom of the pic, I would recommend saving these to your computer.


thank @bob31 also u said 6.5 will at some point make sick im sure some one said 6.5 is good im lost now also i have been doing rain water as is b4 i even got ph dwn then wen i got i have been doin at 6.7/ 6.8 so far are ok so again im lost any way i doin test so 2 spoon of soil and soak nwid 6.6ph water yes


U wants a drink of slurry


Who wants slurry! Larry? Lol lol :joy:


jokes @AmnesiaHaze so @bob31 i have done wat u have said ph 6.6 in and ph 6.0 out so is that ok


hey @AmnesiaHaze wer u frm are u in my neck of tyhe wood or at bobs ends o im in uk london


Lol naw I’m in New England USA


@Shuggz actually that is not ok. You need to start setting the pH of your nutrients to 5.8

That is a dominant soiless mix, meaning the NON-Soil is more of the mix than the soil, so treat it like a soiless mix… Go with what the soil is telling you.

If you keep trying to treat it like soil you are just going to have more problems that you can deal with. Go in at 5.8 and the plants will thrive!


there is only one england wer did new england come frm jokes @AmnesiaHaze


they couldn’t think of their own names over here @Shuggz had to copy from the motherland, lol


ok that fine so it more like a hydro then but if i put in 5.8 will it not drop even more cause wen i put 6.8 in it cum out at 5.4/5.5 i think it was i dont get this @bob31


You can redo the slurry test with 5.8 water and see what it does, but I wouldn’t think it would go any lower. @Shuggz


Lmao in the US they call the north east portion the New England section, becuase that’s where the Englanders came here to make New England.

Basically I live in NY coming from over 13 generations born and raised