The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


Sorry @Shuggz with the time difference, I was at work today and I can’t check the forum while I am working!

The pH in is ok in but the 5.9 runoff is telling us something else.

Tell me the brand name and name of the soil you are using and what the ingredients are from the bag, please @Shuggz

The stem color can be a number of things including genetics. I wouldn’t be concerned unless we see other issues.


Ok kool the things i have used is lets see now grow pockets all x6 ghen x3 lightweight multi purpose compost 100%coco coir wid multi purpose compost soil and on the top of it i got all mix which has, peat moss, sphagnum peat ,worm casting, perlite, micorrhiza,pre mix the all mix is jst on top then i got x3 im the all mix wid dat coco coir in and the big x2 i have got in there wen 1st potted of seed i had in the multi purpose soil then change to da all mix soil, root boost miracle-gro, coco coir, clay pellets and volcano mineral mate i only checked one shud i have done all of them mate let us knw were about u are i will set my world clock to yr end or wat the time diff and thanks :v:t2: :smile: Cheers @bob31


I’m Eastern Time Zone in Massachusetts USA East Coast @Shuggz I am mostly retired but I work one or two days a week for my play money!

I think your mix has a higher concentration of coco and such that it is acting like a soiless medium. Have you ever heard of a slurry test?

Take a half glass of water and pH to 6.5

Add a TBSP of soil and mix it into the water good. Wait ten minutes and check the pH and see what it reads



Na mate i have not im so new to dis yet well the only stuff i got left is all mix volocano min miracle gro root boost clay pellet and coco coir the multi purpose soil is finish no more of that the all mix is the best one wid the rest so frm now on only that but i will try that test thank

Also if that happens again wen i water jn 4daya times do h think i shud keep my ph 6.8/7 then if it drops again it shud be jst rite wat you think on something like that i fink that shud do the trick let us knw :+1:t2::wink: they look good wat u think @bob31 and you are -4 hrs behind it 1150pm rite now well wen i send this blessed


Whatever you sent didn’t come through @Shuggz

Lets get another round of pics tomorrow so we can see how they look. They looked fine to me in the last pic!


Ok so if i do wat i said in last txt wat u think @bob31


yeah thats fine. I still would like to see new pics of them tomorrow or the next day.



Moring peps i hope all is well so my babys look real good here is some photo wat u think @Covertgrower @bob31


Everyone looks happy today @Shuggz

Also here is a friend of mine that I want to have help you too. he is around different hours from me as well. @Countryboyjvd1971


I have to agree with @bob31
Everyone looks happy and healthy :+1:
Keep up the good job @Shuggz
Im around if you need assistance just tag
Thanks bob for the tag :+1:


Thanks guys one luv
Im going to go get xtra nitrogen and phosphours or is it potassium cant remember with one is in veg and flower :thinking: @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


Nitrogen for veg @Shuggz happy growing.


Hey my grower family how are we all foong on that side off the pond well i had to go and by humidifier so wat is the best % to get it to and try keeping it there @Covertgrower @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971

So did u see foto wid the lit colourd stem wat is thAt about and thanks blessd


Hiya @Shuggz the stem thing is probably just genetics. Which strain is it?


It the babys of my 1st grow i messd up they are blue widow kush now in my 1st grow i had kohser kush and blue widow the kush turn out to be male and then i got seeds that was the only good thing that happen frm that so mate that wat i have now is blu widow kush which will be good i hope they both are good hopefully the mix will be better let see @bob31


@Shuggz ok cool, I am going to suspect it is just genetics.

Here is a chart on humidity



Yea maybe cause if i remember the blu widow did that as well on my 1st grow u could be rite and thanks @bob31


Thanks for getting that @bob31 you beat me. Higher humidity during veg @Shuggz and when you get to the very final weeks of flowering, the lowest amount of humidity possible. I did that for mine, and I could see the difference within a week with more trichomes. Just my opinion though.


Kool Q wat is this wen u split the stem will it boost thc and wen shud i do it im in my 4week frm seedlin @Covertgrower @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 bless


You only do that in the final weeks of flowering. @Shuggz