The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


Hope i was of help my friend


thanks guys how all is good and yes tye buds are gettin fatter nice i will put foto up after 6pm bless


here some foto @bob31this is wat happen to wen made hole

@Johnzy81 @Covertgrower @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @dbrn32 @Ron330 o i forgot to say was that my strain bwk smell so good wow a nice mix of widow and kush nice


They are looking great mate well done keep growing :v:


Hey bruv ur girls look amazing. Why did you split the stem or drill a whole in the stem wats it for bruv @Shuggz could i benifit from doing something like that.?? Bruv.


yeah i was testing to see but dont do like i did look at the 2 kusk foto and see the diff only do in the last week and half it shud real boost thc bless @Mikos


And how would i do it can i use a drill and cable ties to stop it spliting. If am to drill a small hole near the base maybe a couple cm from the base thn tie uner the bottom of the whole then cable tie above the hole is tht right. @Shuggz am comming to the end of these 2 girls aswell my friend av got maybe 3wks possibly less if theze thrics are anything to go by. So any advice to help fatten my girls bruv would be greatly appreciated.


yo bruv how u jst drill a little hole and u will be good jst let it do its thing bro how do u knw that your is done i still got some white hairs and on the 8th will be it full 8weeks im thinkin it mite bee about 1 more week after that im thinjk the kosher kush take 10week full and the blu widow will be 12weeks full maybe i seem like that how u any way @Mikos


Thanks bruv . Am alot better now am back walking withouth aids so am happy mate. And how are u doing my friend. The girls are looking good too


good getting there bro im thinkin the kosher kush take 10weeks wat do u knw and wat u knw about blu widow some one said that takes 12weeks wat u think @Mikos


Av heard that to bruv i tell you were i get alot of goid info on strains is seedfinder dot com it tells you lots about the strain and theres reviews etc about near enough ever strain out there and youtube but you also need to know what they are talking about and we both do so i would try on there bro


Do you think i should try drilling a whole in the last couple of days bro . And do you know any little trick that can help fatten my girls up even just a little would be great. Think am going to try a feminized seed next time round just not sure what to do as i do it for my partner and I meds so finding something for us both is hard i am doing a spacbucket aswell soon and trying a selfwatering one next to see if the idea i have had works then al be posting on here and youtube so keep an eye on it bruv its an idea i had on my last grow but i needed some hands on experince on spacebuckets and drip systems and the hydrphonics but with soil u have a buffer so am trying to figure something out. If it works it be great fun if not av had fun doing it. Lol


bro im not to sure it al wat u put in to make budz go fat so give me all the thing u put in but doin the hole will pump the thc so do on the last week
and on your nxt one do non autos and stick to a soil less mix and a drip system if u work and u should be good also kosher kush is the best one for u and your missy ok @Mikos


Thanks bruv we need two types sativa and an indica. One for day time and one for night. I use for pain and fun the other half uses to help cronic pain stress PTSD and anxiety and to help sleep. She used to be so against any type of drug no matter wat it was even if a dr gave it. Av got a few thousand seeds to get from in law but i have not been able to pick them up yet but i will before end of nxt month. Av still got 5 auto seeds left too but i really want to try my hand at a feminized one. Cause i cant be bothered with extra hassle of watching for males aswell there is enough to worry about when i try to do a feminized regular seed. If the auto seed works well in the space bucket then i will purchase some other seeds to build up my collection so when i am ready to i will cross every seed i have with a male northern lights as my first experience into cross breeding. What you think about that idea bruv. Sorry i fell asleep i have the school run today.


Hey brruv av got a question for u about rain water. See even if theres stuff in it looks like birds have dropped stuff in it like moss etc will that still be ok to give them or not.


jst filter it mate @Mikos


here some foto

@Donaldj @dbrn32 @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug @Ron330 @AmnesiaHaze i i forgot some one sorry


Looks like you’re hauling some beauties for sure!


hey peps on the 8th feb will be 8 weeks 62 days i think the k kush take 9/10weeks and the strain info say 66days well they hav some white hair on bottm and how do i knw they are done help @Donaldj @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Mikos


@Shuggz your plants look gorgeous my friend