The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


also if i use the soil frm the 1st one do i leave the old roots in the soil or take them out i was thinkin take out some one wat is good to do


One not producing as much as others could be a lot of things. Could just be not as high yeilding phenotype, could be not getting as much light as others, maybe not as healthy as others.

I would just do your best to make sure it’s healthy as possible and take care of the things within your control. After that, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


Looking good bro sorry not been intouch much not been well bad end to last year and bad start. Anway all looking good bro. Dam what i would give to have your grow looking fab bro keep up the great work and al try and pop up later when am back from hospital.


@Shuggz keep chugging along like your doing your plants look very healthy, what your run off ph and ppm been like the past few feedings? If your ppms dropped she is hungry, give low N and high PK formulas with microbes and such, keeping your ph at 6.5 if soil, coco growers is 5.8. But your buds look like they are stacking nicely, what week of flower are you in?

@Mikos I hope you have a fast and safe recovery bro


hey fam today is the end of 4weeks and the start of the 5week the rest are fine even that one is ok its jst the top its not like tye others but that ok i had a feelin some off them one are going to bee like that that is the blu widow kush ones the two k kush are lookin real good the to real tall ones one the right side of the 1st foto also all my polants are in soiless mix and i have had the ph between 6.0 & 6.8 all the way and 5 of them been feed evey other day so far and the kush everyday


hey bro get well soon i have not been well to but gwell soon i hope all is goin well


bro im not sure i fed every other day and the rest of the plant is ok its jst that top part we will see wat happens


If it’s just the top part, probably nothing you purposely did. Like I said, you’ll see differences here and there. It happens.


Your doing fine bro your girls are beautiful typical dad always worry on your girls they all good tho bruv. @Shuggz al be about all day if you want a catch up bro speak later. Grow in peace bruv and puff puff puff again thn pass lol.


hey fam how we doin i hope all is good so i think i knw wats happen them 2 plants are the ones that i put the holes in 4weeks ago i think the rush of thc has done that the blu widow kush dont got buds on top and the kush has but is a bit yellow on the top if it that then nxt time i will not do so early but wait till the last 2weeks or so or it could jst be the gennics
well anyway the rest and them 2 are doin real good

![image|690x388] @Donaldj @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Mikos @AmnesiaHaze @


They certainly look fat! They’re getting there. Now it’s a waiting game. @Shuggz


Oh ya, real nice!


Very nicely done @Shuggz your on the path to success! Keep up the great work bro! :+1::v:


Wow @Shuggz bro your girls are looking nice phat bruv man all the stressing you were doing your getting this to a tea i defo want your tips for getting my girls nice a fat like yours nice. And are you still using the same nutes as i am if so tell me how your mixing them bruv plz lol .


yo fam thanks and yes i am still using them one there is no point off changing yet lets get it rite lets get 5 more under my belt then i will mess around wid diff nute and no problems let talk tomorow around 9 ish if u like o thats pm okey bless


Thanks bruv catch up later.


@Shuggz, hi and welcome my friend it looks like you are getting all the help you need and you lady’s look very well stick to the 3 to 5 day’s but that mite turn to 2 and 3 days but only when they get bigger if the turn into big feeders you can notice the difference between the pots weight and feeling keep it up :v:


hey peps how we doing i hope all is good all the ladys are doing good one look like it not comin rite but the other 6 are fine

the one wid the circle is the one that dont reall y have buds comin but the rest are good


guy wen it com to the end wat is the best way to do the dry part can some one talk me thru it plse thanks
@Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Ron330 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Johnzy81 @Mikos @AmnesiaHaze

and also bob31 wen i did the two plants wid the hole in it i have found that one plants has got no bud on top and could be bigger and the other one is the same but this one has got bud on top but it is real yellow on top and they could be bigger @bob31


@Shuggz is that bud rot man or am I worng?