The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


@Shuggz give it a little more time. Sometimes they look a little male and then the pistils form.


I agree with Bob sometimes the calyx are very fat and may look male but then pow they shoot out pistols :sunglasses:
Good luck fam


hey fam i hope all is good so i think its is a male dam but rest x7 are all female yeah the one that is a male they are like U.S.A football that ok i will jst make in to oil
the x7 lady are gettin real big and im findin that tghe x2 kosher kush im doing i need to water every day and the x5 blue widow kush my babys x3 every other day also x2 of them on the 3rd day but mite need to change to on 2nd days will see wat they look like 2moro

guy i have got my temp to 30c wen the lights are onn and hemi is at 27%/30% i think is ok but wen lights go off the temps is at 19c and humi was at 40/47% is that ok or shud it be something dif @dbrn32 @Donaldj @Nug-bug @Growit @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower


ere same foto fam @Mikos @Donaldj @dbrn32 @Growit @Nug-bug


@Shuggz lower humidity the better in flowering. Your doing ok.


im tryin fam the humi atm is 33% it the off is wen it goes up wat can i use to bring dwn


40 to 47 isn’t too bad.
But if you can’t get a dehumidifier the just increase airflow. Another fan keep the air moving is key😎


bless fam @Covertgrower @Nug-bug got one frm tesco


hey peps jst a update the ladys are doing fine lookin real good and one was a male so i have took out will let grow away frm the others then i will make in to oil in a week or so bless family have a great time growing blessd


hey fmily how we doing i hope al is good
so every thing is good jst a Q wen it time for the lights to go out and i dropped sleep & needed to close tent and got up a bit late 2 times now diff days is that ok or shud try to keep on 12/12 and try on to drop sleep at the end bit wen need to close tent up @Nug-bug @Donaldj @Mikos @bob31 @Growit its a nite run i do so end time is 6am uk time


hey peps wat can i do about the humi its still going hi i got 2 de-humi and still its hi wat can i do @dbrn32 @Donaldj @Covertgrower @Growit @bob31 also the update is that my ladys are doing real good 1 is gone past the 3.6ft mark the other 6 are not too far behind they are over the 2.8ft mark and 2 off them are about 1.6ft mark guys if anything for a indoor grow how tall shud they be or are trhey on the small size maybe i shud hav veg for 2 more weeks b4 puttin in too 12/12 thanks peps


Are you leaving excess moisture in there anywhere? Like leaving runoff from pots or anything?


no i dont think so cause wen i water the run off vap a way cause runnin 1260watts but i waterd the otherday only 2 get water every day but no run off on that and it get a liter @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Donaldj


heres a foto of how they are doin

@Covertgrower @Donaldj @dbrn32 @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 o yeah the 2 that i put holes in at the start of 12/12 now hve got some big knot in it nice and i will do again on the start of the 5weeks and again to all on the start of the 8weeks wat u think guys


Is the RH around 30ish % still @Shuggz?


it at 39% today bjut the last few weeks it been at 30s only frm the other day its was 61 today was 91 i think i found wat is was i got that cooler and u can humi up the place as well must of push on the cooler humi side wat a sap let see if that was cousre of it


That’s not too high.


yeah fam wen rthe lights is on it is ok it is wen the lights go off and the tent is closed off is wen it go funny well i hope it ok today i rhink i put the cooler on wid the humi side on too well not to day i will find out 2moro wen light come on at 6 pm for now its ok bless fam @dbrn32


You don’t continue to circulate air with lights off?


i do fam i was jst doin one fan with the extract fan now i am doin 3 all together and see 2morow wen its time for it to com on rite now it is temp is 29’c and RH is 39% so wen lights go off then that wat it will be and temp will drop to about 22/19’c but will check wat humi will be 2moro but the past weeks or so it has been ok the hi was about 45% i think now i got trhe 3 fan runnin wen off wid 2 de-humi aswell hope it will be good i have had ok up untill now i have had no defi palnts are so health and happy i need to find out wats in that thing my dutch mate give me wow

i have had no problem really jst if im doin it rite or not and some little things wen i dont knw wats goin on any way bless @dbrn32