The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


That sounds good. If tht works thn i would do the same if i wère you… i hope the nutrients are ok for u. And am ok still unwell leg not getting better. Its actually worse


wat u done to it fam @Mikos


My leg and ankle swollen and its painful to walk up and worse downstairs. But hopefully i get well soon my friend.


seen ok fam you will do jst take it easy @Mikos


hey fam how we doing i hope all is good
@Donaldj @Covertgrower @noobius @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971
guys im going in to 12/12 on fri / sat mite leave in dark for 24hrs b4 i put to 12/12 wat u think would be ok also i am using the bio bloom do u think i could use top aswel and i am jst mixin up 25 ltr at a time its easy that way for me wat u think guy would that be ok
o and the baby are not babys anymore they are lookin real nice i hope i caan keep it up al 8 are female that test has worked were you check the end of the seed 100% bang on any way i will try to get some foto still trying to get phone done mabe i have to get new one dam any way bless fams


@Shuggz I believe leaving them in 24hr dark is used at end of flower to force them to “panic finish” to increase resin production. Not sure what kind of result he get doing it at the beginning of flower so I’m not sure. As far as your nutes, I’m not familiar at all with those. @Mikos seems to have the most knowledge on those particular nutes. I’m getting ready to start mine on q2/12 next week as well so I’m pretty pumped. Glad ur doing well, hope to see pics soon! Happy growing!


bless fam yeah try to do wid mates laptop wat a head xxxxx i need to get my fone fast @noobius


wow got there here you go some fotos bless @AmnesiaHaze @noobius @Donaldj @Mikos @Covertgrower @Growit @bonnie1 if i left some sorry


wow they got tall. u got room for the stretch? they say the double in size during stretch


the 24 hr b4 12/12 will take them more that wat it will do u was say also u can do 48hrs as well wen u get buds to frost it out more it all about the dark and a bit to do wid light energy and i think i will the tent i got i about 6ft and thanks fam @noobius


also fam im on 14/8 atm then cum fri moring wen lites go out then i will leave for about 24 maybe 16 or so then on sat turn on for 6 pm to 6am that will be my 12/12 i hope all will be will any thing to try to get more also i have not done any cuting apart frm the bottom to get getting for nxt lot and got 3 seeds going lets do dis no point in messin a round nxt step will be a warehouse lets get a few home one done 1st hey this will be my 1st one that i have not messd up yet nice bless fam


Looks great @Shuggz getting closer to the home stretch.


hey peps how we doing i hope all is well so im going to change to 12/12 tomorow and also i have drill a hole in 1 kosher kush and 1 blu widow kush i think i was saying to @bob31 that i will do anyway so let see wat the out come will be on that and the rest 6 i will do 4 day b4 i cut dwn and see the diff i hope it will be good

guy is it ok to run both hps and mhid at 600w or do i keep the hps at 600w and the mhid on 240w or 400w wat do u guys say thanks and bless @Covertgrower @Donaldj @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971 @Growit @noobius


I’m not sure I recall that convo? Are you talking splitting the stem?


yeah i only had i drill handy so i drilled it o well let see wat happen i sre it was wid u i was askin wat would happen to if we do early and i think u said not sure but i see a expeirment comin on if not then bless


Ok, I remember that now! So you drilled holes in the stems? Can you get a pic of hat that looks like? @Shuggz


i will try it hard to do wid lap top cause cam faces me but to do air shots is ok jst hold on top
yeah bob i drill a hole only 1 in each strain let me try to take foto @bob31


it not the best



cool @Shuggz When do you harvest those?


hey peps every day no every min my babys are getin bigger wow so so sexy