The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


I just went and looked at biobiz schedule. It does look a bit complicated. Don’t have any experience with it to decipher what it could be possibly intending for you to do. Sorry!


blessd fam i do wat i did on 1st one start give for 3weeks then go on to top max for the rest till flush and i think i should be good @dbrn32


@Shuggz hey mate send me a list of what nutes you have and i will tell you what i would do and how much to put in if you want me to that is.


@shuggz I’m not familiar with that line of nutrients. Maybe @bob31 knows more than I do? I don’t even know the schedule.


ok @Mikos i got bio heaven blo bloom and top max and wat have used in veg is tomorite and m gro bless fam


The magic grow and tomatorite am not sure of but i can tell you about your bio heaven topmax and bloom. Tell me what what week your on and al give you your amounts per litre and when they have to increse and by how much and you can take it from there.


tag me if you need help @Mikos

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not magic mircale grow cause it has all the iron copper etc and tomorite that is because at that time i jst had them at hand so using that as tyhe 1st part now it the bloom time


Thanks i will do @bob31 al be keeping you upto date step by step i might even do a video of my harvest aswell as pics. And i need to remember and weight before and after so i know my wet and dry weight. Am just not sure about curing now and am wary of dry i have my glass jars all ready labeled lids so i keep them all separte as i have a feeling that they arent what they are ment to be because none of the plants look simlar they are all diferent however i have learnt that there are 3 main types and a forth that many seem to forget. Rudaralis indica sativa and the hybrid what we are growing which means there is ways a plant can look different tall small etc thin bushy you get what i mean. Anyway i just think one is totaly different even the buds and colouring on one is very DIFFERENT even the leafs on one is lighter and thiner than the other two. The other two might look totaly difderent but they are the same colour and there leafs are the same nice darker green. So i am thinking either one of two things either got 2 types or thy are all the same its just each one has stronger genetics. each seed being different as in sativa indica etc. Anyway so i am thinking they will all taste a bit diffrent. Even different strengths of THC & CBD etc.


Right so what week are you in. @Shuggz


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Good morning @Shuggz bro how is things today i hope you dont leave. I hope you dont my friend i hope you are ok bro i get my results today so fingers crossed all is well.


Bio heaven from 1st week 2ml to 1l of water upto week 4 then week 5 its 3ml wk 6 4ml wk7 4ml then wk8 9 and 10 its 5ml per litre. Top max starts at week 3 to week 7 its 1ml per litre then wk8 9 10 its 4ml per litre and your bloom starts at week 3 its 1ml to 1litre wk4 & 5 2ml per 1l then wk6 & 7 3ml per litre then week 8 9 & 10 its 4ml per litre of water now this one is for soil and coco/soiless. Luckily they dont change in soiless these ones if you had what nutrients i have then some of the bio grow etc is different doses from soil but you dont so your all good bro i hope this helps you @Shuggz. Let me know if this is ok and if you understand what i am telling you bruv.


bro i do jst increase each week its confusein i will get there there are all soiless mix but 3 are wid clay pellets all the way round 3 are wid jst soil and 2 are wid clay pellet jst at bottom and soiless mix on top trying to find a good way to have hydro half and half soil one so i can get use to doin hydro if i ever change to it and 2nd wen doin jst in soil u can flood root wid water and kill are get root roit or something so i trying half and half best of both worlds i was told tht doing in clay pellet is like a hydro but not if u get wat sayin any way bro how u i hope all is good wid you bless @Mikos


Kl that sounds good and fun and also alot of work doing differen mediums two or 3 different ph levels to check etc. Thats whay did and i am regreting it now thou as its been alot of work and time. But ive loved it. @Shuggz as for how i am doing . got some results back so still just more meds to take. Enuff the rant. Well glad its all good hope u got wat i was trying to tell you about what amounts to use… were you able to understand it ok.


sort of mate all i have done is mixed up a 25 ltr tub up that it and jst using that also the ph on all of mind i have kept at 60/6.5 wat ever it come to wen i mix up so far so good had no problems yet i cant remember were i see but it said all soiless mix u can use to 6.5 and i have and they are doing good it jst the ones wid cly pellet in or it got to do wid the strain but they drink every day or other day with is fine cause b4 they looked sad now they look happy anyway how u been mate i hope all is well so check this go back and read how Q i asked and tag how many peps and tell me how many times i got left hangin and still have not got answers to Q well anyway so i goijng to finish these journal off and i think i will not do any more aftrer that but i hope all is well if u need any thing jst let me knw fam @Mikos