The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow

They look good, lets go another day @Shuggz

All is well here!

Thanks and how is the growing family i think so jst turned on lite for today and they still look good wow @bob31 so i think i will leave today aswell


Very good @Shuggz I would recommend checking them a couple times a day as you just want them to start to droop and then water them. Most over-watered their plants as you are learning now. A slightly longer time between water helps build strong roots. As they expand looking for moisture.

That’s why it is important to water as soon as the droop! @Shuggz so not to stress them. A little stress is good!

Thanks @bob31 i get it now wen i did my 1st one as an experiment i was watering 3times a 1ltr at time but i will say i had it up to 6ft but that was a male and the female i mess up but got the seed and that 6 of them now the 2big pots are fem kkush

Also @bob31 wat shud my humidity be cause its low is round 40% and temp is aways 22c some time it go to 27 which i think mite be to high but i was told anything upto 32c shud be ok but try to keep at 25/27c any tip to push up humidity i have got a bucket of water in there and again thanks blessd

@Shuggz they will want more water, the bigger they get. So there’s that.

They like a higher humidity while in Veg and lower in flower but 40 is a bit low, but if thats all you can get, then short of adding a humidifier…

25-27 degrees is optimal but 22 is ok I would think. I usually try to run my tent at 24

And you’re welcome and same to you!

Thanks the thing is some times the humi go up to 50/60 but must of the time it above 40 i do spray soda water to sim the rain for now ill put another water bucket

Also im making my nets do u think i shud make sq bigger or are the ones have done so far are good size or go abit small and put six lines in

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What size are the squares @Shuggz I can’t really tell from the pics?

Generally they would be about 7.5 cm but a little smaller is ok too

@bob31 they are 18 by 16 atm i was think that was ok by jst lookin i have a nettin but the sq are big on that but that is 5m long and i got 1m x1m x2m tent so it is easier makin this

Go with that and you can always change it as needed. I think the smaller posting allows you to tuck the plants under a bit more frequently @Shuggz

Well i got two that i have framed up one need to be done up and one i is workin on now the other one i make a bit more small sq on them and thanks @bob31

Hi there my grower family how is all well all good untill i see this can any one tell me wats this colouring on fanleaf stem some one plse thanks


After a busy day today i can now sit down snd try finish my nets off getting there is this ok on the sq thanks @bob31

So @bob31 do u think i shud water to day

So i watered today the ph was 6.5 and i checked thd run off and that was 5.9 so is that ok or shud it be something else cheers and blessd

Wow no reply yet wat going on!!!

Well any way i finished my netting off i think the sq sizes are ok well i hope so @Covertgrower @bob31 any input thank my grow family bless


No reply, because you didn’t tag anyone @Shuggz that run off PH is fine. Depends on the moisture being retained in your soil.

@Covertgrower i think i did but any way hiw are you well i watered on sat and wen i watered today it was mostly dry got that moist tester and by that it tell me that there all were dry tested last nite so i watered in moring wen lites come on wat shud the ph be on the run off and wat the lowest that it can be and thanks

@Covertgrower and & @bob31 have u seen foto wid da coloured stem wats is dat about thanks blessed

Yes, have a few colored stems as well. No worries on that. Just some have those and some don’t. I think the lowest on the PH should be 5.5. I like to stick around 6.5. @bob31 might have a preference as well.