The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


im thinkin that but its ok i think its only the 2 kush silly girls drinking to much o well also im home all day cause im on sik atm due to all the pain i am having so for now it ok but wen i get well again then maybe i will have to thanks fam


Well i hope you get well soon brother
How dry is the grow room bro
Do you use a humidifier?
In veg tou want to be in the 80% range if possible and in flower around 55- 60% range
Just a fyi @Shuggz


hey i forgot to say is that i went around to my mothers house and me older bruv was there and he giv us 3 seeds of same real nice weed frm india frm kulli in frm the himialaya mountains and they are females i hope well the got the volocano on the end let hope it works out cant wait to start a journal for that


Nice tag me when you start them


yes i have but it go up then it goes dwn but wen all off it is in the 80% but wen lites on it in the 30/50% i was told b4 it fine there now i dont knw wat it shud be


hey family so no one can tell me if there is any thing out there for heat & drought stress if so were can i get and were frm @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @AmnesiaHaze @Donaldj @Mikos @Growit bless


Not aware of anything, other than trying to remove all the heat you can. And trying to maintain a healthy watering schedule


Sorry bruv but when my green house was getting hot I put in some vents and 3 box fans 2 blowin on my plants and 1 blowin outward from one of the vents
Do not think this is gonna help
What about removing one of the lights as suggested by @dbrn32
Sorry you are having these issues wish I had more input


thanks guys i think i got it now i have manage to keep the temps at 24/27 i had to put a fan in the hall way to blow cold air to room and i hang box fan up and thats pullin the cold air dwn on plants and got fan in side blowin around and up the xetract fan a bit faster so far so good bless thanks all that have got back to me aswell and not forgot about me blessd fam @dbrn32 @Growit @Countryboyjvd1971 @AmnesiaHaze @Mikos @Donaldj @Covertgrower if i left u out tag yrself in blessd family have a good day/ nite were ever u r safe


Bio bizz does stuff for tht my friend @Shuggz.


wat heat stress @Mikos


Right on glad you got it dialed in bruv.
Hope those seeds from the Himalayas work out pretty cool to get it from the ancient roots of this wonderful herb.
Keep up the good work @Shuggz


Yeah i have it infact alg-a-mag am sure its called i will double check for you thou if you like my friend.


safe bruv how u been i hope all is well @Mikos bless @Growit


Your welcom bro still to take it easy cause my legs drs orders but al get there.I


hey my gro family how we doing i hope all is good

guy i got my air purifier and my air cooler was well needed nice

and the air cooler also humidification water cooler nice


guys can i start using the bloom frm now and i still got a week to go till 12/12 is that kool @Mikos @Donaldj @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @AmnesiaHaze @Growit


Bloom yeah you shouldve started with it a couple weeks ago if you are using bio bizz bro the chart i gave you shows you wen and how much per 1litre


I always like to revert to schedule. If it says to use it for your time in grow, I would use it as directed


yeah bro i dont get them its say use in 3 week of veg or flower really i dont get it so i jst wen by wat the guy at the shop said use wen u start flower ok fine i will start 2moro same need a feed then 1 week left till 12/12cant wait i jst hope i dont mess it again blessd guys @Mikos @dbrn32