The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


It all depends on what your plants tell you they want. @Shuggz is there a feeding schedule for your nutrients? If so, I would stick with that.


hey fam how u, bruv i have not been using anything like that i jst used tomorite and few othér things for now but wen it come to flower then i will be using the biobizz stuff and frm wat i knw frm last time is use the bio bloom for 3weeks then topmax for 3weeks then use water for 2 weeks to flush


in this particular guide that was done with the white widow autoflower, it goes through the different stages for you and tells you how much water these plants required and when they started nutes/at what levels, and when to flush. The only difference is for your ph u wanna go on the hydro side. What i did was go from week to week and started with the guide and adjust accordingly, but so far, ive been dead on with what they were watering these. now this is soil, so your coco mix will probably require more frequent water, but thats entirely up to how the plants feel about it. nutes like i said, ive been doing feed, water, water, feed and mine are beautiful, but yours may have different needs so every other might be what they need.


@noobius thanks fam i will have a good read
ok so this is wat i have done is every time need to water its been wid nutes but 1st it was on the 5day but frm wen i put in big pots it been like this now in going to do 5 of them on the 3day theze ones are wid the clay pellets the other 3 are in soil but its all soiless mix wen i 1st done i messd up but every thing i have done they have been ok so far even wid the ph at 6.3 must be doing something rite


id still try to get that PH down a bit, but they look good, so you do you. ill keep following along to watch your progress! happy growing!


thanks very much fam @noobius


Sorry @Shuggz been messed up havin a hard time
Lookin good everybody is awesome and I would
Deffinately follow their direction
Girls are lookin great you got alot goin on bruv but your kickin butt.
Hope you been feelin better check in soon :+1:t3:


thank fam i was only plannin on do the 2 kosher kush and 2 blu widow kush but did not knw if the seed were going to pop and all 6 aswell great hey how i got all this work and i got 14 cutting and jst potted 3 more B,W,KUSH i think i @ u in that one too check it out blessd fam hope all is well


hey family how we doing i hope all is well so i was say the 5 in clay pel need to be waterd well i really had to so i did that and like u said i did that why i jst give rain water and on the nxt one i will give nutes i think that was is got then u dont over do on the nutes even they are organics so bless fam @noobius the ones wid jst soil well soiless mix will be 2moro well let see wat it look like cause them 3 look real happy thanks peps have a great day nite bless


hey fam how we doin
ok guy i waterd my babys yesterday but findin the 2 kush are dry again wat to do i dont knw if it was the rite thing to do but i jst give water again also b4 they were like i could water after 3/4 day now its lookin lkike i mite have to do often is that ok or not i mean like do one day then miss a day then do again wat u lot think the other are ok 3 can be done on the 4 day and the other 3 is on the 2/3 day which is kool its jst the 2 kush wat to do HELP @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @noobius @Mikos @AmnesiaHaze @Growit thanks and bless family


It’s possible and common for some plants to drink heavier than others.


@Shuggz @dbrn32 is on point
I will need to water every other day with some strains especially once in flower
your ok to water more often If needed
Listen to the plants and give them what they are asking for
Ive had same plant strains where on plant needed water every other day the other every third or fourth day
No worries bro


Good to see you back partner!


thanks ok cause the kosheer kush are drinking alots so i will have to change my feeds diff now like maybe feed water water feed i cant remember who said this to me but i think it will be better that way and the blu widow kush are ok but are also the same but 3 are every 2nd day and the 3 are every 4/5 days which is ok but the kush done it to me guy is it ok to start giving the bloom now cause in 7/8 day will go in to flowering wat u think and thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Donaldj @noobius @Mikos also guy is there any thing out there to use for heat stress and drought stress


I actually had to used that feed schedule on my last grow water feed water feed


yeah on my 1st one thinkin about it i had to water the kush every 6hr on the flower stage and on the veg thinking about it i think i was watering 3 times a day i think i mite have to do again but i will only do 2 times wat u think that would be ok @Countryboyjvd1971


the like mean ok yes


Nott sure twice a day is needed
Your growing outside right
If temps are high and drying you put that fast
I water till run off
Outdors ill soak my poys when hot out


no im indoors fam


Sorry bro i get confused with all the threads
How dry is it in grow room ? Humidy wise
You might want to look into a self watering system if your drying out that fast