The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


It is hard to see if it is lighting but it looks like nute burn through out the plant


It definitely looks a little like nute burn. @Shuggz


@Shuggz are the deficient leaves new growth or old sugar leaves? It looks like the top of a bud site.


hey family how we doing
it only on 2 plants the rest are fine apart frm the leaf that com out funny also im in veg atm maybe 2 more weeks then 12/12 so i will make weaker nute up for them if its nute burn i was thinkin the same thing @AmnesiaHaze @Growit @Covertgrower


I am glad its only 2 they should bounce back may be flush before your next feeding


bruv bruv why didnt i see this b4 i feed today the ones in soiless pellet mix the other 5 will be doin 2moro so wen i do flush i dont feed that day then do i or i do cause i didnt think the ones i have done they will be ok wat u think @Growit


hey my gro family how we doing i hope all is well wid all and blessing to all
so im doing abit better then i was b4 my turmenic drink has helped me alot too any way the thing is wen i went to the tent this moring wen lights cum on i checked the temp etc and found that the humi was in the real hi 90’s is that real bad even if its in veg and if it did that in flower is that good or bad too
also had too feed the x3 B.W.K the one wid clay pel they were dry and mybag the pot were light so i can do lift check if need be other then dat they are all doing fine now jst chilling listening to pure 60/70 dub consciousness music blessd family :sunglasses:

@Donaldj @bob31 @Mikos @AmnesiaHaze @Growit @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971


You’re doing fine @Shuggz


blessd bruv how u doing


I’m medicated for a terrible migraine today. @Shuggz


try this get rose petels put in yr drinking water leave in for a 1week or so and and keep drinking that and if happens again then repeat and see wat happen it shud take them away for good fam they can be mad i have had b4 i hope u ghet well soon @Covertgrower


@Shuggz hows it going?

High 90’s is pretty humid. Anything you can do to lower the humidity? Increase airflow? Is it hot their too? Or just humid? If the humidity is going to remain an issue you may need to consider a dehumidifier?


@bob31 yes i think the temp did go up t about 35c i think i knw why i turn off the one that take out air i was ment to turn on low cause this one can clean the room out every 3min not good wen every thing is closed off till lights on i willrun two fans for wen light gone out and see wat happen need to get rite about 2weeks left till 12/12 also need to take of 2hrs aweek been doing 15min every other day but i think i need to do 30min not long left till then also putting stick in 4 of them let see wat happens thamks bless


@bob31 also i did a cut ontop off one that is a short plant but i think i may have xxxxxxx it shud be ok i will try to take foto still cant unblock my phone dont knw wats happen to it


ok np. I leave all my fans on 24/7 I have an exhaust fan and two clip on fans in the tent moving air and the temps and humidity seem better, I think that will make the difference. I put the lights on a times, but not the fans. No worries @Shuggz


Hey my friend your girls are looking good hope all is good with you i dont know how to sort my email address out to give you it my friend. Al figure something out thou. Speak soon @Shuggz.


They will be ok flushing was just a suggestion to stop the burn from going any further
Doin the nutes at half strength should be ok
Though @bob31 and the others you have tagged in are far more experienced than me so they might have more valuable input


Bummer feel better😕


I second that I run my fans all day and all night even though it has been cold out in the green house it is good for growth makes the plants trunk stronger and should do wonders for the humidity!! Lookin good though you got alot goin on there keep up the good work and hope you are fellin better bruv


hey thanks peps yes i do too im on about the that exrtarct the heated air out that one is the one that can clear the air out of the room every 3min so i jst put on real low and see wat happens