The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


Hey just friendly advice, I see that you have a mist type Humidifier. They have been known to clog up carbon filters , because of the minerals in the water . An evaporative type is recommended for our hobby. :sunglasses:
Much love man, and keep em green


not wen u use rain water no minerals @Nug-bug


sorry @bob jst see this sorri it my second go at growin mate


so how we doing my gro family i hope all is well, im not doing so well so much pain cant even think rite and the weather is not good too any way
Here a foto of my babys and i see some thing i dont knw well some of the fan leafs did come out abit funny on the b.w.k some look like they are drying out does it happen wen u dont water on time and leave a x day cause i did do that and some of that fan leaf on the bottom look like the plant used the nute out of it and is going to drop off soon
the k.k are doing fine look real good @Donaldj @noobius @bob31 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Mikos @AmnesiaHaze @Growit

and the one wid arrow is the one drying out


guy cause i use the HPS & MHID at a 1000watts wat is the best hi to keep at because they are not the same as led were u can keep real low i did ask some one on there journal and got told to start my own journal to ask the Q some peps are rude anyway
i ask because i was thinkin its all about the light energy and not the heat energy also if i did a out door one i cant realy pull the sun down to the plants now can i so it must be the light energy and then the dark for it to do its thing so am i rite in thinking and saying that any one @Donaldj @noobius @bob31 @Nug-bug @Mikos @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 any one else more input

also family wen is the the best time to put a stick in thru the stem at the bottom cause i remem sayin to @bob31 i will do 4 of them in the 7/8 week that will be frm nxt week onward an input peps and thanks and bless


@Shuggz how are you doing today? I see your worried about humidity. I wouldn’t worry about those levels. When you switch to flower is when you need to worry about humidity. Get your temps steady.that will in turn steady out your humidity. Stay warm and they will thrive :+1:hope this helps and happy growing


Sorry to hear about your pain bruv hope you feel better soon.:confused:


A week from harvest is what I have read on stem splitting.
Yea looks real thirsty you may have a deficiency too can not tell from the picture. Is it just a few bottom leaves dried out?


I can’t offer any input with the HPS, I use LED. The fan leaves do occasionally die off, especially the bottom ones. They just don’t get enough lighting, and they’re no longer serve a purpose. I have some on my clones that are dying off as well. When I go home I’ll snap a pic for you. @Shuggz


it jst the one fam on the bottom the one wid the arrow in foto i knw u cant tell wat deficiency u think it could be cause i have tried to get all the minerals for them mind u some off the leaf did come out funny on some off them that makes it look like it a deficiency maybe i will try to get a better foto for you fambut try to do wid a laptop its hard jst one min and i put up foto ok


here the foto of that one @Growit


hey family how we doing
ok fam i am thinkin the ones i did in clay pellets to see how it come out x3 off them i is thinkin they will need too be watered 2moro wat you think family

@AmnesiaHaze @bob31 @bob31 @Covertgrower @Growit @noobius @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971 if i left some one out sorry cant think rite wid this pain any way bless and thank guy sorry the numbered one are the ones in the claypellet and the soiless mix i messed on that why i kept like this


I can’t see the surface of the pot I couldn’t tell you if it’s dry or wet, try lifting the pot and feel the weight. If you think it’s too heavy then don’t water. Wait until it’s light enough to water :+1: @Shuggz


ok i will but u knw the clay pellet do makee the pot heavy so i was going by the leaf doping dwn and the are starting to go that way while the others are are bit more happy and they will last another day well as they get bigger they drink more b4 i was dping after 4 day now i had to do after 2 days so tues was the last day i give feed so it will be on fri but the x3 wid arrows in foto them one i think i mite have to do every other day ok i will also wait to see if leafs flop more then i will thanks real y im jst going to say wid soil nxt time and not put to much coco in but then wat if it real good then wow any way bless fam @AmnesiaHaze


@Shuggz they definitely look a little droopy. Check near the base for moisture.


Well drooping leaves could be under OR over watering. Since you can’t tell the weight because of the clay pellets, and since you can’t see under the soil. I’d suggest a soil probe to measure the wetness of your medium. @Shuggz


yeah will do frm wat i can see the soil part of them one is dry i only give a ltr on tuesday but will say most of the water will run thru and the bits wat gone on soil will dry up fast as u knw frm me jst saying @AmnesiaHaze @Covertgrower guys i got a 6"extract fan to take out the heated air out and i let fresh air in but the thing is wen i close of the tent there is no fresh air going in the tent so im thinking i shud turn that one off so it dont clear out all the co2 out of the tent cause that fan clear out every 3min and that to fast wen the tents closed wat u think


@Shuggz unless you have a bottle of co2 your plants need the fresh air exchange.


no i dont have a bottle but i do have that bag of co2 it called the XL Exhale home grown co2 do u knw that one ere a foto

so i shud turn that fan off then thanks


hey fam can some one tell me why these set of fan leafs are coming out like it been burnt@AmnesiaHaze @Covertgrower @bob31 @Growit @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971 any one thanks and blessd