The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


You should water when soil is dry
Try doing this
stick finger in soil up to second knuckle if it feels dry water
I will usually water every other day once in flower cause they drink so much
With thise light if heat is a issue tou definitely can dry out faster @Shuggz


Cool @shuggz as soon as I get a chance Imgonna see whatcha got but so far lookin good bro
I do no know alot about the tents and light as I am growing in a green house but I think your set up is great!! See ya soon


kool bro the thing is there not in flower only veg till 8th dec cause plaanted on the 8th oct but yes frm wen i have put the new MH in wid the HPS it has got a lot hotter temp is at 26/30 rite at the peak trying to bring dwn but not happening o they both are 600w but wid 3stages to it so i got the MH at 600 and the HPS IS ON 400W den wen going to flower i will do da other way round
o i am going to try clonein so do i need to knw some thing dif cause sofar i have took cuttings and then i cut at a 45% ang shaved the tips and then put a slip in the centre rite at the bottom then put all in water wid some of my foiler nute its says it good for that so i put that in is that ok or do i need to do some thing esle blessd @bob31 @Donaldj @Mikos @Growit @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @AmnesiaHaze


You’ll be be putting the cuttings in a hydroponic solution correct? Otherwise if you doing soil or peat plugs, you could get a product called clonex gel. @Shuggz


Have not done any cuttings but @garrigan65 has a great cloning guide step by step I tried to put the link to it but cannot quite figure it out.


Alot of the growers here use this as well as one of my local grow buddies

I also used it in my low stress taining on one of my blueberry autos and worked great.


yeah brothers i am its called nitrozyme it ment to be good it say it for seed treatment, foliar feeding, cutting (clones), soil gardening, hydroponic systems i’m trying to get photo wat a long thinag ai have to do any way ere we go

wat u lot think this is my 1st time o and i jst left in a glass of water wid it in @Donaldj @Growit @bob31 @Mikos @noobius @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @AmnesiaHaze bless
also i think i will have to feed 2moro so that will be miss 2day and do on 3day i was thinking of changing pot on 3 of them they are tallish wid 11cm open going to change to the 30cm ones so shud i change pot 1st then do water also are 7.5 ltr pots ok or go big on them too so thats will be 6 to change if the 7.5 are not ok blessd


I dunno hope it works out.:+1:t3::+1:t3:
I am partial to the hormone powder.
Either way always good to experiment.


kool bro i only got to doing foliar spray then i see wat its say bouns but to do as spray even put in wid feed u will see the leaf come lime green look so banging try zoom in on a fofo bless


look like i will be give water later on wen lights com on bless


Looks good so far mate never grew a clone so dont have a clue but from what i do know my friend u have done it all right now its upto ur clones.


thank fam how u all good


@Shuggz what are u taking your clones from.


of the blu widow kush fam @Mikos how u did u get yr pen in bro frm wen i put dis light in so much heat but the light is real good more light energy morfe photo in the dark well i hope so and i put the 3 bak in the main one im going to change pot in a few days needin to feed every 3 day now missin 2 feed on 3rd i jst i dont mess it up runnin a 1000watts atm :sweat_smile: :sunglasses:


Kl glad everything going well for u my friend. Not so lucky myself but only time will tell am getting ready to freek. Nowts going well for me at the minute. If it wasnt for badluck i would have none. @Shuggz


wat happenin bro bro i aslo tried 4 more seed after 48hr still no must be no good wat u think blessd


Wat seeds are thy. @Shuggz might just take some time drop them into warm water see if thy sink after an 1hr thn thy are ok if 24hrs passes and thy aint sunk thn i say thy are junk. Thts what i do. Wen i get my seeds i put them in the fridge for 24hrs thn i take them and drop then into a glass of luke warm water. It helps trick the seeds into thinking winter is over and spring is here or so i was told all i know is tht it works so far out of 5 seeds i have 3 i started has sprouted so far thts 3 out of 5 and i still have 2 left to do tht i might do soon or wait until i can buy the new stuff i am wanting to get and the purse is closed until i can prove i can do this however if this issue with my ph pen hasnt messed it up for me. Fingers crossed i get 3oz and then i can buy myself some new toys lol.


they are my own ones i have done 2 dropped and 2 didnt after 24hr i put in wet towel as we do the same way i did the six i got going it been 48hr and no change so i have left jst in case late bloomers in warm place maybe dead i think so @Mikos


hey my grow family how are we doing hows every ones babys and teen coming along good i hope well i have been abit busy and this pain dont help well any way
so my baby are groeing into some nice teens but i got a few thing on my mind which is i got a humi to take it up to the hi 50/60 biut it stays around the 40/50 but today it been on the low side but wen all is off it in the 70 wee it should be and the 2nd thing is the lights so much heat even that i get down to the 30 but some time in the 25 im ok wid that but the 30/32 is that ok or not im sure it ok some one
so even wid that said how to get humi up even tho i got the humifi and water bucket it still messin wid me and the heat wat can i do @bob31 @Donaldj @noobius @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Mikos @AmnesiaHaze @Growit


In Fahrenheit we try to stay within 10 degrees. But there is only so much that you can do. I wouldn’t sweat that should be fine @Shuggz