The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow


yes family i did and thanks i will say so let make a mix of the bio bizz :grin:
yeah so i dont knw wat to do wid trhis ph i jst see a doc on youtube and the guy give a break dwn of the 3types of medium and the one im in wat i have made up is like a soiless mix and he was sayin to do it like your doing soil and keep the ph at 7 he even was say he did his at in the high 8/9 mad i knw so now i dont real dont knw if u can go see wat i mean it was HOW TO TEST AND ADJUST PH LEVELS OF A SOIL PLANT and this THE IMPORTANCE TESTING AND ADJUSTING YOUR PLANTS it done by so plse check and let me knw thanks @Mikos @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @noobius @Covertgrower @AmnesiaHaze I HOPE ALL U ARE HAVEING A GOOD DAY i wish i could take a foto to show how they look blessd



Your soil mix as shown by the slurry test is non-soil dominant. Therefore the pH in should be 5.8

If that fellow has a you tube video you can post the link to that and I will be happy to evaluate what his video has to say.


kool fam didnt knw took that bit out were i found is listed on last post in CAPSLOCK if thats ok plse do and lets us knw thank brother


Ok @Shuggz before I spend 10 minutes watching a video could you just verify that this is the correct one?


Can you check out this video and let me know what you think about this person is saying that even in coco you should pH to mid 6.


@bob31 yes bro that the one and one wid jst soil too cheers


That you all good my friend


wat that bro u good yeah @Mikos


Yeah am good my friend. Have a few issues at the minute and i hope my new ph meter comes before i need it. Bad luck follows me atm. Lol


@Shuggz hope you get your ph fixed. Just keep working at it, it sounds like you’re on the road to recovery. Just keep on top of things.


What pH would you recommend? @Covertgrower


@bob31 I agree with you on the 5.8 it should be close and after awhile should stabilize as long as @Shuggz verifies the ph going in when watering.


ok, sounds good thanks. @Covertgrower


blessd ere sending my blessing your way it will be good positive vibez think positive too and thing will change blessd family @Mikos


hey fam @bob31 so did u get a min to check that out and wat your take on that cause after i see that it has confused


@Shuggz I looked at it and I have tagged another Mentor over to look at it.


ok brother @bob31 so u knw wer i stand now why im abit confused but so far i have kept in the 6 range well was on 6.8 and cum to 6 so i will stick to that for now cause i have not seen any thing as of yet wen i can put foto up i will they are fine so far if any thing let us knw yr veiw on that it would be good to see wat u think on it thanks


Notice the key mention which is that this pertains to type of nutrients used too not a general rule :wink: If running organic lines stay closer to soil chemical product lines closer to hydro.
The biggest thing is knowing your product line GH has flora (chem) and Nova (organic) Maxi (chem) Bio etc. AN is more complicated because most of their base nutrients are chemical where their additives can be organic or chemical :wink:
FF is mostly organic
Fact is anyone buying nutrients should be doing their homework on them and stick with the one line until you have it figured before jumping ship I love GH flora series and AN jungle juice both 3 parts but easily carry formulas from one to the other
Soil growers tend to have a harder time moving to coco because hydro growers have more experience with ph manipulation spotting when and what change makes a difference. Basically the speed at which plants respond is different between each soil response takes days hydro take hours I play with my ph levels constantly in hydro favoring high for veg low for flower the difference is practice each strain acts different. However when offering advise and teaching it is always best to set clear target ranges until a person is more confident and experienced there by not suggesting risky or complicated theories. Coco is a stepping stone for hydro or a more relaxed less space system for experienced hydro growers I adjust advise given based on a persons skill levels.
Knowing product lines and medium is a constantly evolving task and what works for a person using one product may not for another so unless you truly understand the theory use advise on Youtube with caution I won’t try a FF recipe with GH myself


@Shuggz hey my friend did you say that you use rain water aswell. ?? Wont tht have an affect aswell ?? @Donaldj


yeah i was told rain water sorts it self out im thinkin its mite be true and ones i add all my nute in the water is rite at 6.0 /6.2 i think so no ph dwn for so im finkin of jst stick to dat an brother u good @Mikos
also @Donaldj did u see wat @bob31 said and wat u think on the that plse let us knw thank i hope all are well thanks


I use rainwater when I can no ill effect unless you have acid rain :wink:
read my comments above :wink: I seen it and to some it up do your homework and use the info in video at own risk