The grow has begun all are welcome to follow



I gotta get to store to buy more to wrap buckets I take it all off and toss old stuff when I scrub buckets at end of grow lol


Also any light that may slip past the medium. Algae prevention


Watching. I love that ppm/water temp/pH gauge.


Ya it’s awsome 360 bucks I bit pricey but I love it


Sweet controller as stated above. :+1:t5: N i wasnt off topic. U just keep us in the dark as much as i do


@PurpNGold74 lol well there will be more pics now this is 3days from last pic so day 24 since poped from seed day 3 of official veg

Look at sue now she’s not as finicky as before but Josephine was but now she is growing again gave her nuits half str on sun will be doing full str at water change on sun lol


Looking good man. They r bushing out nicely


Yep and I topped them right at the 3rd node it was on day 17 I dig they would stall for a week atleast but nope they where doing good on the 19 day lol and 21 was pics and now 24 lol


Man i just got home n ALL my girls are wilted. Damn they are drinking faster then 48 hrs now. I could go over 36 last week.

N hace been feed/water/feed but tonight im going uber heavy feed.


@PurpNGold74 show me a pic before u blast them it might not be the feed they might have a lock out when’s last time u flushed them not full but get a good flush then it’s ok to blast them clear out what’s in there first before u blast


Whoops. Already done. The soil on my wilting girl was bone dry. Lemme show her perking up. She got it immediately


She definitely perkd up 10-15 mins after. Lights out in there tho now tho. I just hit the ceiling since its only been a few mins


@PurpNGold74 Update 28 days since seed 7days veg they are looking good


Already had my like. :joy::joy: looking mighty fine tho bro. I need to go update. I snapped pics after feed before lights out. And Mr Indy was onto something. I believe cold water semi shocks the girls and makes em droop


You ever thought about putting that reflective material at the base of your plants, maybe with breathe holes above the clay pebbles? I wonder if that would help provide more light underneath. What do you think? @BigDaddyCain


I had it there and the humidity at the roots was like 97% and I didn’t want root mold so I took them off I had them on till leafs covers most of medium then I take it off if u look they are on floor behind the left bucket with Susan in it but I might try it with the breather holes see if it helps. Also right now I have them in streach mode trying to get them to get taller over next week so I can start flower in 2 weeks that will give them a 3 week veg then I have a 9-12 week flower lol


@Drillbit look at post 37 I think that’s where the pic is with the covers on them


@BigDaddyCain, what humidity do you keep yours at in late flower?


Late flower being after week 6 I drop it to 45-50%


Is 30% too low you think? I thought dropping the humidity the last couple weeks helps promote trichome production.