The Grotek Final Flush

When using ( Grotek ) The final Flush
2 teaspoons per 5 quarts
How often should this be used ?
And when ?
There are no directions when to use it

You use it when you are ready to flush your plants before harvest. Depending on personal; choice this can be anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. Generally; When using a commercial flushing agent; 3-5 days before harvest is the answer you are looking for. however; I give no guarantees to the product. I have never used this. Good company.

Blinger says:

So , would you run the flush once a day for possibly up to 3-5 days or a couple of weeks
I guess my simple question is
Do you use it once a day?

Use the flushing solution as directed. In hdro. Replace solution every 4-8 days