The Greenhouse (grow journal) and other hobby


Finally got the tent and as per usual it took me all day. No tools needed, moderately sturdy, very light wt and easy to move. My only complaint is the shelving, not to good, I will have to figure something else out and if I can get that solved it will hold my 8 (wishful thinking) 3 gal pots. At least they will be warm! My other hobby, gardenias, orchids, bromilliads, air plants and more.

I can grow Spanish Moss in East San Diego county :peace_symbol::woman_farmer:t4::scorpius:


Im very envious of your space do you grow veggies too


@Rexx I used to, I had two raised beds 10x10 and 10x12, where the empty space is and I grew everything I could. I am in a w/c now so I usually have a couple of tomatoes and OMG my new found love Shishido Peppers, I can’t grow them fast enough. They are sweet and spicy and a delicacy in Japan. I have an orange tree, lemon tree, lime tree, 5 way apple tree, an apricot and a peach tree an olive tree and that’s enough :woman_farmer:t4:


Yes I dig it too!!! :sunglasses:You might consider a stake in the ground and a little piece of rope that goes to each leg that act as guy wires and will give it even more stability and support when your weather becomes windy…


@TDubWilly It’s so easy to move and as soon as I figure out the shelving then bricks over cross bars on the floor. It’s a cool little deal!


Cool cool, just a friendly thought, looks like you got everything under control anyways. I like the setup :slightly_smiling_face:


I too am in w/c i use to have big gardens but do too mobility im an indoor grower now so this cannabis thing is great good meds and something to break up the day.


@TDubWilly LMAO I am a control freak with my yard and I certainly hope I have it together, esp after using my '17 grow!! :peace_symbol::woman_farmer:t4:


Also if i can ask this what state are you in


@Rexx I just now saw your post. Sure puts things in a whole new prospective, w/c gardening. I also have a scooter. I keep the buckets shoulder level so I can keep it worked. I had one that was 7’+ and I never saw the top until harvest. :woman_farmer:t4:


@Rexx San Diegos’ East County perfect for pot growing.


Hey you @highcountrygal, I’m with you concern succulents. They are the coolest looking and relatively easy to grow plants. My grandmother started my growing with succulents. How well are you with the air plants? Are they also easy to start? They always look like little creatures. Well I guess they are little creatures. Or are only mammal creatures? I never gave that much thought until now. sorry, I drifted off there.


@Flyr Air plants are so easy, no pots, soil etc. I either put them on pieces of wood or use soft wire to hang them from. They have 'pups on their own and when they get half the size of the mother snip it off and you have another one. Mist them, depending on where you live, weekly as long as they can dry out. The roots are used for ‘hanging’ on only. They have beautiful flouresent flowers. I’ll try to get a few close ups tomorrow. I also have carnivorous plants. pitcher plants etc. :woman_farmer:t4:


Thanks @highcountrygal. I would love to see your babies up close. I have several too. I’ll see if I can snap off some pics as well. I have yet to have one flower though. I’m here in Texas, you’d think they wouldn’t have difficulty blooming. I had several Bromeliads but they got nipped by cold weather last year and never really came back. You have a great evening Countrygal



The grow journal is a start to finish journal of your grow all in one place. Why don’t you keep one of these going and keep adding to it some everyday so that way we can follow along on one journal.

I have enjoyed reading your topics you have a lot if great experience to share!


@Rexx no private or personal information on this forum it’s against the rules my friend @bob31 or @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 maybe you could explain a bit better.


States are cool I think


Just no personal stuff


Just check it out mate you don’t want to end up getting suspenders from the forum and all off the experience and knowledge we can pick up here.


Its all good