The Great Phauto Cloning Experiment

they’re getting bigger. and thick. and so beautifully fugly. we’re mid week 8 from snip. now i’m hoping they’ve already undergone most of their stretch cuz otherwise we may be in trouble in the 2x2.

they’re still looking light stressed, which is baffling as mama was outside all summer in 100 degree heat and was luscious. but one more day and hopefully they’ll be in their downgraded digs and will be flipped to flower over the weekend. temps have been 76-78 and 60% humidity.

tomorrow the new fan should come. pretty PO’d i called them at 9:01 on monday morning to get a replacement asap and they sent it out at lightning speed and then chose ground shipping. good thing i had an extra tent.


End Week 8 from Snip and Day 1 Flip

4 amnesia haze phautos (ILGM)
Coco Loco with dry organic amendments that i forgot to top dress with bloom nutes. oops.
3 gallon fabric pots
King LED 1500 double chip somethingsomething flipped to bloom lighting

game on. took a week to get the fan replaced, but here we go. now i have another space i need to control. it’s suddenly warmer and drier in the tent. hopefully they don’t get too shocked. temp is 83 and humidity only 35-45%. they’re in a 2x2x4 tent sitting on top of a night stand. fancy.

for now, please enjoy these fine blurple shots.


5 days from flip

just realized my fancy blurple has two lights on it and they should BOTH be on same same. so i did that.

probably too soon to see much but wanted to measure the height just so i can see if they actually stretch or not. they were lightly watered again today, pitcher filtered tap Ph’d to 6.8. i am starting to have some issues with one of the plants. didn’t bother to take a pic cuz it’s too dark in the room and the blurple makes it impossible to see.

funny thing to see though is that the pistils are getting orange. i have no idea what that means. i kinda think these are never going to actually flower.

ignore the insane colors. tried to color correct. used flash on one of the photos that just changed the color in spots.

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Older pistils/calyx will mature at the original pace. No big. Lets gets some new pistils popping!


waitin. waitin. feel like i been playing this game since june. oh wait… i have.

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