The Great Phauto Cloning Experiment

i have an amnesia haze auto in an outdoor grow that’s been in veg for over 100 days. she’s about 5’6" in her 10 gallon pot. i have two other autos out there that are now flushing, a blueberry and northern lights. there’s been a lot of discussion over whether i got a photo or if she’s a confused auto. either way, i can’t get her into 12 hours darkness outside due to environmental light pollution, which is why i went with autos to begin with.

Amnesia Haze Auto (ILGM)
Coco/perlite 5 -> 10 gallon fabric pot
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bloom, Sensizyme and all other nutes per manufacturer, fed every day at 50%

i’ve really struggled with trying to accommodate her over the last few weeks and practically rushed putting an addition on my house to bring her in. finally i realized this was all rather ridiculous and i’ve decided to let her go. i’m also about to lose my northern lights to bud rot and i’m scared the blueberry may be right behind. i’ve been told these amhaze can take 12+ weeks to flower and that puts us into november. the cost of feeding her every day plus the lack of guarantees she’ll make it is too much. there’s someone coming to get her this afternoon. i may still have visitation rights, so we’ll see if i can continue her journal on the other thread.

she’s a lovely plant! she has some sort of mutation which mottled the coloring on her leaves, but she has had almost zero issues in the 100 days she’s been outside and just keeps growing and growing.i transplanted her a month and a half ago and probably needs another upgrade. if i don’t feed her every day she tips over.

there’s been a lot of discussion about preflower and whether she’s been revegging or not. the below photos were taken a few weeks ago. sometimes the buttons appear about formed and then they disappear. i’d say this has been going on for about 6-8 weeks.

However… in the interests of SCIENCE. i’ve taken some clones and we’ll see if she goes back into veg or keeps on flowering. i am a total newb, this outdoor grow was my first. so… these clones may not even make it making it a terrible experiment. your input is appreciated. i took 8 and put them into 4" cow pots with Coco Loco and a little bit of Kind soil at the bottom. a little DE was mixed in and they were sprayed with some H2O2. before she leaves today i may take some more and try the rapid rooters as they may be more newbie proof.

and for fun, a silly looking very monster cropped blue dream from week 6 of flower.


i took 6 more clones and put them in rapid rooters. stalks cut at 45, clonex. leaves cut. i dunked them in diluted Nuke’em. per directions, they’re sitting in 1/4" water. i don’t have a dome. additional CF bulbs are on order.

game on. let’s see who survives.


Where do you live. you may be ok

hey. sorry somehow that posted too fast. just finished editing it. i’m in DC. the humidity here has been an absolute killer. it can stay nice here through jan sometimes. sometimes.

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this could be the shortest journal in history, but started a new thread here for my experiment. folks, place your bets. auto or photo or dude, don’t you even know how to clone?


While you experiment on plants, I am experimenting on how to eradicate this damn bud rot. In 22 hours I lost my main cola.

I’m so sorry! so many stages of grief to growing no one warns you about.


First cloning questions…

How many watts do I need for the CFLs for this stage? I’m hoping to keep them here for about 2-3 weeks. not sure if that’s reasonable.

Should I be wiping the condensation from the inside of the dome?

Any other tips? they’re in Coco Loco, premoistened yesterday and sprayed with water. heat mat underneath. dome closed 100%.


I don’t have a clue about cloning or super cropping but I’m here to learn.


Get some true 23w 5600k or higher. I use a big 55w 5600k cfl, it’s as big as my forearm. It gets me through the better part of vegg


You are really just trying to maintain some photosynthesis while roots are being formed. I trim off 2/3 of each leaf to reduce load on the plant and might have to support the stem too. I use rooting powder when I clone which works fine. My technique would be to cut on a 45 degree angle then scrape an inch or so of stalk before doing that. Fresh aloe works well too. Dome and 24/0 lighting.


thanks! i forgot to add that i did cut at 45 and scraped and i used Clonex. just not sure where to go from here. watering makes me nervous. my other grows were all in coco so that i couldn’t overwater. should i dry out the dome? there’s a lot of condensation this morning.

edit… i guess this is coco. but people talk about Coco Loco like it’s soil.


how about just for seedlings? in 2 weeks if they live i’m not sure what i’m even going to do with them, but may end up in a closet with a blurple until it becomes known if they’re photos or not. then i may just gift them (if they’re photos).

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Some small 23w will work. But I don’t really see cfls for sale at stores anymore


how many? i’ve read that too much is actually bad for clones. i have two bulbs in this reflector now. i have one more i can use with a T for two more bulbs. i don’t want overdo it.


One light should be enough for 2. I get aluminum Turkey pans cut holes in top, put 4-5 CFL in there and you got a decent light for clones and vegg. I haven’t done that since I got my big CFL. I don’t clone but cutting the leaves like @Myfriendis410 said. you want it to focus on roots not keeping the leaves going


Beautiful plants man! I hope everything works out with cloning! I’m set to watch.:grin:

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@KinSEDC some use 85w cfl (6500k) up to 40cm away an does up to 20 clones in 500mmx500mm cupboard in coco feed maybe once a week with approx 0.7 E.C ,2 days off at times,water here an there tipped an tied over an a small fan, for up to 8 weeks comfortably, spraying the inside of your dome will increase humidity and rockwool cubes are great also,

good luck :slight_smile:


thanks! those are some lovely ladies you got there!

Yup im late… again! But this should be interesting. As stated multiple times… u dont need alot of light at all. Just enough to keep them from thinking its nighttime****


I’m even later. Clones don’t need a ton of light, one or two of your bulbs will do, I used on 23 watt, but an LED bulb not a CFL. Not much difference other than a little more light vs. heat. Trimming the leaves is done to help slow their respiration while rooting. Leave the condensation on the dome. It’ll act like its own water cycle inside the dome. As long as there’s condensation on the dome, leave it alone, and the medium should stay damp. They’ll look a lot like they’re doing nothing at all for a while, just wilting more or less. Then you should see some new growth or roots out the bottom, usually takes a couple weeks or so.

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