The great outdoors 🍃

Hi everyone!!
I have decided to make a new journal for my first ever outdoor grow journey…

I would be so happy if you all could help and support me along the way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I need guidance :100:

I dropped 15 seeds of White Widow & Gold Leaf

on 12/09/20, 12 have popped from the soil! 3 To go…

Cheers :beers:


where are you from because it’s only 9/14/20 here lol

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Good luck - hope to be able to follow ur journey, as I just started my first grow, and she’s outdoor :+1:

@Deal hi friend it’s just simply a different format of the date between different countries

For example today’s date where I am would be in this format Tuesday 15/09/20

And believe today’s date for your self would be in this format Tuesday 09/15/20

Hope this helps :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:

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Welcome :love_you_gesture: set to following hope you don’t mind thanks :sunglasses: