The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

First grow. GG4 (Middle and left) & Blue Dream (right) Autoflowers from ILGM. Detroit Nutrient Company water only soil in 3 gallon fabric pots, 1 qt of water every 2-3 days(since plant has been established well).Paper towel method for germination. Planted directly into pot after germination.Temps at 77 degrees during the day and 70-72 degrees when lights are off. Humidity is 50-55 %. 18/6 light cycle. Any tips or pointers for a new grower? Started LST a little over a week ago. The middle plant was planted a little over a week prior to the two outside plants. Middle plant is 5 weeks from sprout. Outside plants are about 4 weeks from sprout. Do they look like they are where they need to be? What should my target temperature and humidity be during the flower stage? I want all criticisms and knowledge from everyone out there. Thanks for all the help in advance. :love_you_gesture:t2:

I’m usually good at that but you’ve left nothing to criticize! They look great. The only thing about 3gal fab pots is, that they fold in as you try to pull down on the branches with LST. I’m thinking next time I’ll use a cut down tomato cage, since they suck at keeping my 5-7 ft. tomato plants up. My back likes the 3 gal. Fab pots better than the bigger ones. I’d run my RH, down in the 40%s during flowering to avoid bud rot. Temps in the head 80s. OK you want ugly? NPK is NPK! Organic in my opinion is a religion that I can’t justify. Ask a starving Shri lankan.
With “organic” the plants root rhizosphere works harder to break down to the same NPK in the “chemical” fertilizer which is already for uptake by the roots. No difference just virtue signaling. Again Shri Lanka! There I said it!

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Thanks, my only concern so far is why the middle GG4 is alot darker than the far left GG4. Is this a sign of anything or just the difference in phenotypes. That middle GG4 had a top dressing of Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4, and Bloom 2-8-4
1 week ago. But that coloration has been dark like that from the beginning. Same plant about 4 weeks ago.