The Goldleaf Project

A peek into my little world. I have about 3-4 weeks left before harvest. Geting a few hairs to get color. Waiting SUCKS. So do fungus gnates.

To ALL my Gromies out there, Hope ya’ll have a great weekend :blush:


very nice horticulture indeed :man_farmer:

The week end will start better after having seen such beauties!!! :star_struck:

Hope you have a great one too! :nerd_face:

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Why, thank you Sir!

BTi for fungus gnats. Sure the little buggers are annoying, but they’re easy and relatively cheap to control.

Thanks Kaptain!! May I ask where CAPTAIN came from?

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Doing it all summer! Hydrogen Peroxide one day and DE 2 days later. No gnats for a week. Then, when you are sleeping, The fuc… Gnat Ferry pays a visit again.

beautiful little world you have growing.

Just because I love the sea and want to retire there some day and buy a house in the Canadian Maritimes…
And I wrote it with K so that I was the only one with that name… :nerd_face:
And the 3d part is for the times I went back to school to learn CADD…

Looking great ! I love the way gold leaf Stacks buds up.

Looks great, nice growing!

Thanks Hellraiser. I contribute alot of my knowledge and understanding to you and your experience and the way you humbley share it. Learned long ago to trust experience.

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Yea, pretty crowded in there but doesnt seem to have any negative effects. 5 plants fimmed twice topped once. Lots of branches.

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@Fishawk What size tent is that

4x4x7. Visosun.

That is tight four 5 plants , very nice grow

Thanks brother, I love seeing new growers succeed and if I was any part of that, it makes it worth the time I put in here.

Grew up commercial fishing on the Chesapeake and Atlantic. I sensed you were not relating to military. I hope to be moving back soon. Fishing only for pleasure. I have found this farming equally as pleasurable. Great hobby. What boat do you want to retire on?

4x4x7 visosun. Very happy with quality for what its worth.

I know nothing about seafaring my friend, but I love sailboats…
For me the sea is soothing and equally savage, she’s a mystery that I would love to pounder leisurely when I retire! :nerd_face:
I grew up spending all my summer holidays next to the sea, those were the best trips!