The golden rules of growing

I hope this post takes off, i really do.
The point of it, is to share your GOLDEN RULES.
What you messed up with, what you learnt, what you would never do or always do again.

Much love people, thanks for all your advice thus far.

Ph, ph, ph, the most important thing imo


Outdoors is always better and most cost effective whenever possible. Learn to FIM, super crop, LST and defoliation techniques. You don’t hear people complaining about excessive indoor yields now, do ya?


making a list of everything i can, on paper, easy access in case tinternet goes down or something, thanks dude, will learn!

Absolutely agree with @Hawkeye_diesel. Another that is just as important is PATIENCE ! The plants will do their own thing sometimes, no matter what you want them to! Darn plants ! lol I think I have caused more damage to my grows by trying to make the ladies follow my schedule. Ain’t gonna happen ! Let the plant do it’s own thing and sit back and watch and wonder at what nature does for you. Guarantee you will be happy with the results. Jerry

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I agree with @Willd, training techniques are important, for bein able to an age multiple plants and to increase yeild. Don’t love them to death haha

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K.I.S.S. It’s Weed. Look in any garden and see how easy weeds grow in the most neglected, barren and Dry areas. Don’t kill yours with kindness or overthinking.


:stars: to @Hawkeye_diesel @TxGrowman & @Wasthatmee
It’s not unlike any other flower or vegetable in that if you provide it with adequate light and water it’s going to do just fine.


We’d be totally remiss to not point you to

Guessing you’ve already been there but in the event you haven’t there it is.

If you are considering purchasing seeds from this site, I highly recommend doing so. I’ve completed 3 successful cash purchases and couldn’t be happier. Having feminized seeds available cuts out the step of having to force cuttings to ID any males and remove them before they’re done vegging.

The vitality and health of a plant grown to maturity from seed vs a plant that is cloned is almost visually negligible. But the quality and potency of the flower a cloned plant can produce diminishes with each successive generation whereas a plant grown from seed is not going to do that from seed to seed.


I don’t have the link to the grow bible, or I can’t find it right now

Here’s a good explanation of forcing cuttings to ID males from the other Will

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this page has all the blogs, grow bible everything right on it.


Thanks @bob31

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thanks Jezza

Couldn’t the same be said that the clone may evolve?

il have a read, thanks dudeee

I’ve read about 3 different bilbes, all great info. I just prefer to ask the community, get some one to one information, better than reading 10000 guides sometimes :slight_smile: anyway, I’m just vampiring the shit out of all knowledge online.

I beg to differ about the Clone and Seed thing that you had mentioned …if you can keep your plants happy and healthy no matter how many times you clone from them they will still produce quality medicine …I have strains that I’ve been cloning for four years now and they are still producing quality medicine like the plant that the seed first gave me… and actually over time the more I clone them , it seems that it’s easier to grow them because the plants start to adapt to what I give them as far as their environment without having to try and critique things just for said specific strain or seed… :wink:

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EVOLUTION! i said that :wink:
That was a bit of a sales pitch mr Willd haha
Having a cloning/veg room and a flower room is my plan, then seeds are never a problem and your constantly flowering :slight_smile: