The Glarly Benifits of Milk & Experience Stories

I’ve been reading about the outstanding benefits of milk. This is one topic I haven’t seen much mentioned in forums so I thought I would try out a new topic on the subject. Thought I would make it fun and make this a group contribution by sharing experiences using milk. Also, because I like to write when I’m high so why the heck not right? Oh the creative powers of ILGM AK-47.

Milk is full of sugars (fat nugs), trace minerals,has essential calcium (essential for cell development) and magnesium along with iron. an additional boost of iron can “stabilize” the high ph tap water that causes a deficiency of iron when looking at the scale of marijuana absorption for ph of tap, chlorine free water of about 7.4.

Now for the special fun regards to the little bastards that lay eggs and fly and mess with the plant’s juju. Milk naturally kills the soft shell eggs, bugs, and flies because…get this, they don’t have a pancreas. Well, milk has sugar. When you spray them or water with milk they eat it and explode!! Now that’s what I call revenge of organic warfare .

It is also noted to cure mildew problems and would be ideal for powder mildew. I mix foliar spray with 3 tbls. milk per 32oz and for the test, please use that standard for testing.

Finally, milk is a fertilizer. Research using milk stated, " Forty-five days after the application, the fields were harvested and yields were measured. The one acre plots without milk or provided 4,454 pounds of dry matter. Plots drenched with 2 gallons of milk yielded 5,578 pounds. about 15% increase." Research using milk. If you only wanted to do it in flower, simply start when buds first appear to ball up.

How about a group experiment where we can all take two plant a grow one with milk and one without milk to report the results. The requirement would be that two plants of the same strain/ clone be used in the comparison report.

For this experiment, we will all use 1/2 cup 2% milk per gallon of water as that would be about a close reduction ratio (2 gal milk/32 gallons water per plot)…for a stoned guy that is left brained and hates math. We can all report back after the grow sharing with everyone if there was an increase of yield, how much per plant difference, how milk effects taste, smell, inhale smoothness on a rating scale of 1 to 10.

I suggest we use our own discretion on how we use the milk and how often it is used. ie, every watering, every other, once a week, or just once and report back on how we used it for comparison. Could be that every watering will have no more effect than if applied once a week. Who knows…it’s all a part of the discovery process. I am using it every other watering that I’m not using molasses. I don’t see how it can have an effect with any nutrient solution you might be using for nutes.

Tell us about your experiences with milk if you have used it in the comments. The videos on YouTube using milk looks promising for more reasons than one. Check them out. The frost is CRAZY!! My strains weren’t heavy resin producers by strain. Super Silver Haze is a nice choice for that.

I"ll be the first to report back soon. So far I can report that I have NO powder mildew whereas I would have based on my region and growing conditions where it is common. Pics of my Girls summer 2016


So each feeding after flower has gone into full bloom phase are after you switch the lights , there is a fine time line I this process which is considered transition time and where most growers go wrong . Many cultivators count the first 3 weeks from veg to flower after the light switch as flowering , when it’s really preflower transition phase where the plant goes from veg into flower , so you really don’t count the first three weeks after initial switching from veg into flower , so when is the appropriate timing off inducing the milk . Now do you just add 1/4 cup to your nutrient feeding only are every watering and feeding ? Can the milk be mixed with nutrients being they both are water solvable , which I would love to try this experiment .

How would I add this to my hydro setup? Foliar, or in the reservoir? I run seperate 5 gal DWC buckets.

I have two clones right now in flower that I could begin this experiment on. Would I add 1/4 cup of milk per gallon of water? Because my DWC setups hold 3 gallons of water. So I’d need 3/4 cup of milk in my 5 gallon DWC bucket?

Love milk! (drink it everyday) …thanks for the info

guess I cant play…I only drink almond milk these days… have they ever tried it with almond milk??
you know…so you can grow weed for vegetarians…


I apologize for being lazy by not checking the link to look for an answer to this question.

What about the milk spoiling? Is that not an issue because of how dilute it is? What about ants and aphids?

Well, more than one question, but if you give me an inch…

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Ok, I found none of those answers. It did answer one I hadn’t thought to ask.

The milk has to be raw milk. Here, it cost $10 for a half gallon. There is a dairy near me, but they look at you like you’re trying to set them up on a murder charge if you ask for raw milk.

I’m very interested in the results of this. I don’t believe I will be able to run my own test, so I’ll definitely be paying attention to this topic.

Has anyone used a mix of milk/water for dealing with or treating powder mildew problem ?

From what I have read, milk can be used through the entire process to assist with veg and flower growth. As for your response, I would say starting when buds form would be best. Apply twice a week is what I will be doing. It can be used without problems when added with nutrients as well from what I have read as there would be no conflicts I can see.

I"m not quite sure how to address this but will offer speculation on how to approach the experiment. Maybe every other time you refresh your res and yes Foliar excluding final two weeks on the test plant. Up to you to come up with your personal test perimeters and just report back how you did it, and the outcome. :slight_smile:

Well, Almond milk has sugars, calcium and benefical bacteria but it lack the lactose I think that is the element that is cause for an addition in growth. Maybe just a half gallon would last the entire flower time. Might be worth just buying that.

Besides that study, I came across one that indicated 2% milk had enough of the Lactose in it for an increase in yield. I use 2% as I use that for my cooking. Maybe somebody can try skim, 1%, 2% and another whole milk to see if their is a difference. I have been using milk and notice no smell, gnats or critters at all. Not a bite on them when used outdoors as foliar, but may be from other ingredients in my organic mix which includes food grade H202 properly diluted.

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I make the best cheese with raw milk . :slight_smile:

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I have used it the entire grow as a foliage spray along with food grade H202 and have NO bug bites, mildew, bugs or any problems where I know I would have. I’m on the coast of Oregon where powder mildew is common with growers…but not me this grow.

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I’m a bit envious. I worked on a dairy farm in Sneads, FL. and really miss the constant access to raw milk. 40 degrees straight out of the holding tank! Mhmm!!

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wow…didn’t realize florida cows were so cold


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