The GL on the right grew two large leaves on top that kept growing upward

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I had a GL to grow strangely. The GL on the right grew two large leaves on top that kept growing upward. I topped and have two nice shoots now. Both plants are 10 days old and awaiting transplant outside, when weather permits. The other GL and SWOG are looking great. Regards.


Wow I have never seen that

Is it just me, or does the stem on the right plant look like it’s in danger of damping off?

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Good morning! I am also growing a Gold Leaf, an Afghani and Amnesia Haze all from ILGM and I thought maybe mine were weird when they sprouted, funky, knarlly sprouts with leaves that gave me cause for concern, however, they are giant healthy teenagers now, with normal healthy leaves. I thought it was just mine. Outdoor grower? I am as well, totally. Great and happy growing

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Correction, there were 3 large leaves on top. I topped it after I took the photo yesterday. Today there are two new shoots almost an inch high. I wonder how she will turn out. I can post follow up photo’s if anyone is interested. BTW, has anyone seen anything like this??? Thanks, Willeb


Yes. The ILGM Girl Scout Cookies extremes kinda do the same thing. They burst out huge. They will “normalize” if that is what happens. Actually I think its a genetic thing. IGLM has somewhat quirky but tremendously beautiful and strong plants. Just stay patient and plants will be fine.

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It was the only plant out of 14 that grew a large stem and 3 large leaves at the top. I topped it and now it has two nice shoots. Going to be interesting to see how it does. Thanks.

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Your going to live the GL @Willeb

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I’m growing two GLs right now (mainfolding both). I will try to keep my journal updated if you are curious. I am growing in a DWC system, though, so between the mainfolding and the DWC, probably not a lot you can glean from my grown. :smiley:

I grew a GL last grow too - that particular plant hated going over 800ppm. I got a nice yield off of it in a 2x4 SCROG. I vegged her for 60 days and she was in flower for almost 11 weeks (140-ish days total life span).

I have never tried a DWC system. Maybe one day. The GL’s I have how are getting around 750ppm and they seem to love it. I will keep an eye out as I increase.

I think it’s a genetic thing too. I had thought about letting it grow, but the stem was larger above the bottom nodes and seemed to be getting larger. The other plants look normal, well not really, they are exceptional compared to other seeds I have tried. They are growing so fast it’s scary. lol

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Don’t kll it until you can identify sex. The bag seed I got ended up being a decent mix of Sativa’s. One even came out as a juicy fruit type deal.sometimes they are just ugly babies. Lol

No, no it already has two nice shoots where I topped it. It seems they just exploded after I cut the top. Anxious to see how it turns out. These babies I have sure aren’t ugly. lol

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