The girls are going thru flowering stage 2?

Hey all… I’m back with yet another question…

My 3 NL auto/fems seemed to be coming along well… i shared some pics and ya’ll said wait and be patient as they weren’t quite ready for cutting…

I explained that I had to go away unexpectedly for 3 days and couldn’t find anyone to water the girlz…
The sugar leaves turned all brown and crunchy and I thought it was going to finish early due to the days without water…

After getting back into the pattern of watering them regularly the buds kept coming and now i have a load of new sugar leaves…the smaller popcorn buds are now becoming fuller and looks like some fox tailing happening out the sides of the older buds…most of the techs are clouding over and some may be light amber…

so instead of the stress of not being watered forcing them to complete early it seems that they took a step back to regroup and looks like the yield will be considerably larger than first expected…

Anyone else experience this?.. when ready should I cut the older buds off when they get a little more amber and leave the smaller ones to mature and possibly call it a later or second harvest?..

I thought I would be all done by now as the seeds sprouted early march… early to mid april they started flowering …we are now… we are well into June…

Auto’s are famous for becoming stunted by issues. Good to hear your seeing a recovery.
As far as time goes…if you like the size, if you could bring them indoors and control the light hours, you could start the final phase.
Or, you could clip the buds as they reach the trichome color you prefer.

YOU is the Grow Master of your crop…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


they have always been indoors… lights at 18/6 3 of the three are very very full maybe i should have pruned a while back but the ones that i neglected to cut off are now coming into their own…


I might be your “anyone else” I am new to all the new strains, auto-fem etc., 40-50 years ago it was just weed. Whatever you could get is what you got, you were happy, & you kept your mouth closed. My post titled “Delayed growing due to stress…” was never really answered, a few hints but no real answers, and why I’m offering what happened to me, not as a solution or answer but maybe shared info may help us both.
I also purchased NL auto-fem IGLM. No complaints very happy with product and assistance,Thank You ILGM. Started out AOK but abused by neglect for 3 weeks, work called me away, & wife has “brown thumb”. The seedlings should have been tossed and started over, but I was short cash couldn’t afford new seeds or wait for delivery, and thought my years of gardening could save them. Now after 10 weeks (started 3/24) of very little growth, but they did survive and even 1 is a twofer plant. The plants are <14" tall look like Fox tails 8" of vegetation, all tiny sugar leaves fronds about 1-2" max frosty with trichomes, beneath is 6" bare stem, they, never grew any fan leaves.
Here on Cape it finally got above 40 June1, so they finally went outside 6/2 and the past 2 weeks they rapidly started growing branches (after 10 weeks isn’t it getting close to maturity?), and it looks like the main stem cola forming is going into maturity, I figured all I’d get would be the tails,I have more regular seedlings started in the garden for an October fest. Not that I would knock anyone’s advice, but it seems most are no different than us, hit or miss information with actual little known facts, more than likely due to lack of professional growing by actual horticulturalists being published. Laws being what they were, they couldn’t stick their necks out pre acceptance of cannabis. Maybe a few years from now there’ll be professional assistance. Anyway. I have a few shots on that post 1 of the top of the tail the others show the branches just starting and a close up of the tip & leaves. The branches are now about 6-8" now and of course flower pistils are beginning to form.

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Amazon lists a large number of grow books written by recognized horticulturalists.
Perhaps the information you seek is there?

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If you need questions answered just tag one of the forum experienced growers like this. @Missiles @Killadruid @GreenJewels or @Drinkslinger then ask your questions if they don’t know they know someone who does, they’re great. Happy growing


Pics are wonderful.


I did this with an Amnesia Haze Autoflower. The bottom buds bulked up and matured nicely.
I love the colors in your Northern lights. She looks beautiful.
Here was my first NL

Happy growing :v::green_heart:


Looks like it’s at the end up it’s life cycle to me. I’m new with the auto flowers though. I’d look closely at the trichromes and the plant as a whole. Just saying

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Are you asking me to post pics? I did in my post.

They are fattening I meant to say ur plants look good. Looks like ur close did u check the tricomes?

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Are they? I have a ? & will post

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it’s been a while since this post… just an update…

I ended up with about 5oz of flower…and an little over an oz of trim and scraps…
Turns out they all developed a few seeds ( total 43 seeds from 3 plants) so i assume the dry spell when I was away made them herm… all in all good quality… smell great… i don’t smoke myself but friends like the taste…
I am a edible guy and made a huge batch of sweet/sour jolly rancher apple gummies…

Thanks for all the help and encouragement… this was one of those "I wanna try growing my own " experiments…cross that off my bucket list …I really like it but the other 1/2 of my marriage would like to be able to have company over without worry of odor,so it may take the back seat until next winter…i have some amnesia haze and blueberry seeds on standby…will see what happens

Now to play with using it to make edibles…ideas? looking into an alcohol free tincture… really need a recipe and guidence on what to use as a base…anyone anyone Beuller?