The Girls are Getting closer

The girls are looking pretty nice right now. The trichomes are milky white and I am monitoring them daily watching for the change to Amber. I usually harvest when they are about 50% Amber. This year I am growing White Widow, OG Kush and OG Kush CBD. Grown in my high tunnel in WA State. Weather for the next week is warm upper 70’s days and cool upper 40’s at night. The plants are 7 1/2 feet tall and look like tiki torches when I go out to check them :smile:.


Looks great dude might wanna harvest the sativas at 20% or less if you want the true effects of the plants

Thanks. I believe all of these strains I am growing are Indica dominant. They are hybrid Indica/sativa’s. Do you have more info on your percentage thoughts?

White widow is a sativa dom I do believe and og kush is a indica but shows many characteristics of a sativa full milky with maybe a few clears left will have you a high energy/happy high all cloudy no amber or clear is top Thc content but in my experience isn’t always the best especially if you have any kind of anxiety lol the more amber the more couch lock/slump effect I prefer mine at 20% amber I feel like the cbn/thc ratio is perfect for me I have tried 10% clear 90% cloudy but it was very short high but tons of energy and uplifting 20% amber and 80% clouds great “hybrid” high if that makes sense like a dap pen wide awake when you first hit it but 15-20mins and the work slows down 50%50% amber cloudy was my lease favorite and I tried 80%amber and 20% cloudy(tric balls started fallling off but honestly the 80/20 was much better then the 50/50 mix the 80/20 was a deff pain reliever body high numbness night time only lol sorry for the rant hope it helps

Hey, thanks. Nice to hear on your experience. I’ve grown the OG many times and agree on its attributes, I will do some sampling as the Amber appears and see how I like the 80/20. The uplift of OG is my favorite, not a fan of the couch lock. Appreciate your dialogue!

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7.5 feet tall… that’s incredible.

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Awesome man yeah if you don’t want couch lock your best harvest is 90cloudy10clear to about the 80$ cloudy 20 amber

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