The Genisis, NorCal

Breifly ( I have keyboarded far too much today).
Robert’s White Widow
5 weeks from time I observed root development
Cloth bags made from old Blue Jeans
Coir/clay pepples mix, approx 60/40
General Hydroponics regular three part nutes
DTW. I favor 30-40% runoff. Keeps everything clean, and happy.
Occational Tbs Epsom Salts
Occationally Cal/Mag suplement (GH)
600 watt HPS, with additional 300 watt LED for flower
The water from the tap here is rumming 60 PPM. Sweet.

I am moving on the first to a place at the foot of Mount Shasta. In the forest. Siskiyou County.

Peace and Love from NorCal. Keep the faith, in the flower, and in youself.



Jodie, thanks as always for sharing. It is interesting to see how your style of growing has progressed and evolved.

Best of wishes and continued success, peace and bliss, near, in, around, or above the emerald triangle.

I can not figure out how to post a new message in this new format. It, naturally, has taken me a bit of time to get started here, but I have a real busnessman who is going to partner with me. He is originally from Sonoma. I’m going to produce, he is going to move product. So I never have to travel away from this magical place, to the city. In participation of full legalization, we are going to register a Trademark soon. I figure there will always be a ‘high-end’ market for weed from the Emerald Triangle, such as wiskey from Kentucy, or Scotland. So, slowly, my plan is coming together. Stay tuned here for further developments. Going to start with White Widow and Jack Herrer, unless I get a custom contract from down south, to produce a particular strain. Soon I will have more time to participate here. Massive pictures when my first roon comes together. Sticking with indoor, as that is my sepciality. We get 300+ days of full sun, so, eventually, an all-solar operation. Enough to run everything, and sell a bit back to the grid! :wink: Google McCloud, Cali, and Mount Shasta. We live at the very foot of that beautiful mountain. Just wanted to know I haven’t forgotten my friends here. Be safe, be happy, until I see you again. Much love from Nor Cal. Jodie

Just mountain.

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But it is a wonderful mountain with wonderful people, I’d bet :wink:

It is magical. I may be becoming an Oregonian soon, however. I have just got a line on 20 acres just across the border that can be had for simply beginning to make unbelievably reasonable payments. Oregon has much, much less restrictive zoning laws, plenty of sun, and utterly legal weed, so, the adventure contiues to unfold.
Hoping you are well, and happy. Keep the ‘sunny side up, and the greasy side down’. :wink: